Monday, March 16, 2009

Old Photos

[This post was first published on Aug 22, 2007. I re-publish it at the request of our brilliant young blogger, Kyh.]

Photos of volcanoes in Bali, taken way back in 2005...


  1. the last pic was an amazing shot!~~~

    did u take all these urself?

    what camera did u use?

  2. fei wan,
    Only last pic is amazing!?? I am soooo sad :'(

    Yes, I took all those pictures, using Canon PowerShot G5. (Have got an SLR since then.)

    Bali was a beautiful island. I may go there again in 2 or 3 years.

  3. I like the last picture too. It reminds me of a postcard I received from a Japanese penpal though it was of Mt Fuji.

    Thanks for sharing, KS.

  4. d last pic looks cute.. like a pair of cat's ears

  5. Funny... everybody prefers the last pic. The 3rd picture should look better if the lake is cleaner.

    The volcano is the last pic is the same as the one in 3rd pic.

  6. Hi Khengsiong, I shall link you up in my blog ok?

    You probably can teach me some camera skills, but normally I just do casual photo shoots with HUMAN in it. Haha

  7. Your Highness,
    Thanks for dropping by.

    Camera skill? How much do you know about photography? Perhaps you are better than me, then I have to called you 'teacher' :)

    OK lah, lesson 1:
    Do not always place subject at the center of the frame. Take, for example, the photo above 'About me', which was also taken in Bali. The subject - me - is on the right rather than at the center. This leaves space for background on the left.

  8. haha, *faint* Call me your highness. Btw, thanks for linking me too!

    I camwhore myself a lot lar... *admit sheepishly* But a lot of people say I am good, coz I appear much better in pictures... (that's bad huh)

    As for scenery photos.. Hmmm... I am inexperiences. Thanks for the tips.

  9. Is that Mt Agung? Not rite? Cos I thought the Agung is much taller...

    Anyway, I love volcanoes. Most of them form magnificent cone-shaped peaks which ordinary mountains cant possibly have.

  10. kyh
    The volcano in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th pics is Mt Batur.

    As for the 1st pic, I think the one further away is Mt Agung. Let me confirm on this.

  11. such beautiful views. im planning to go this year :D in july/aug

  12. kyh
    The 1st pic - the volcano in front is Mt Abang. The one further away is Mt Agung.

    I thought you were saving money to go to eat seafood in Hokkaido?

  13. i visited bali somewhere around 2006. it was a great place. from yr pictures, is that the place on a hilly side? err quite cold. i cant recall the name.

  14. goolooloo
    I visited Bali in Oct 2005. It was cool up the hill, but not exactly cold.

    It was very hot in lowland -_-"

  15. yeah hokkaido can only go in at least 2 or 3 years :( but bali easier to achieve mah.

  16. oh been there before........
    very very nice, cooling air and nice view, plus clear lake

  17. xin
    OK understood.

    Clear lake? My 3rd picture shows otherwise.

  18. never been to there yet..
    wanna go one day

    those pictures are nice :)

  19. Oh I went to this place before too! Mt Batur! Very cooling and nice scenery. Of course, nice pictures from you too ;)

  20. nice photo...the volcanoes is dead or still active one?

  21. kikey
    I believe Bali is in the destination list, right?

    Ah... looks like Bali is popular among Malaysians.

    dragon city
    I think the volcanoes are dormant, but not dead.

  22. I like the 1st pic because of the clear skies and the clouds.

  23. JL
    I like the clouds in the 1st pic ^^