Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Memory Lane and Paddy Fields of Bali

Recently, I “re-publish” an old post of mine which shows the photos of Balinese volcanoes. Quite a few readers left comments on the post, saying that they too had been there. Well, I gather that Bali is a popular destination among Malaysian holidaymakers.

Somehow, I doubt many of you have been to this place, which I call the “Memory Lane”…

The Memory Lane is actually part of the Paddy Field Walk of Ubud, in Central Bali. If you follow package tour, you are unlikely to come here.

I have never bothered to visit the paddy fields in my own country. Ironically, it was in Bali that, for the first time in my life, I appreciated the beauty of a paddy field.


  1. so did u carve yr name on one of the tiles there?

  2. this is the thing right - we always overlook things around us. i have never tiny padi field in penang before!

  3. You're right.. even after staying in Malaysia my whole life, I didn't really go and appreciate paddy fields here!

  4. nic
    Too late! The cement had dried.

    xin, witch
    To quote a Chinese expression:
    What is seen as grass by locals is seen as gem by tourists.

  5. i once went to a paddy field in soemwhereiforgot...'s really quite a sight!

  6. I have always been amazed at how the padi is being separated from the husk. I have yet to see that done. That's a lovely walk. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. Paddy fields....
    always give me the relaxation feel ~ ^_^

  8. Got paddy field in Klang Valley or not?

  9. annant
    You forgot where you went? Was it in your dream? :P

    I think they use wind to separate rice from husk.

    Yes, relaxing...

    In Sekinchang.

  10. True! The one time I think paddy fields are beautiful is when I was in Langkawi. :P

    How many days did u spend in Bali? U went from coast to coast? Which place is the most memorable one? I might go there this yr. Maybe u shud come up with a "best of bali" with tips on accommodations and transport. :P

  11. I once went to perak in july and I saw the paddy fields all shining gold in the morning! That was so beautiful but at that time I had no camera to capture it. Paddy fields are beautiful and we can see it here in Malaysia itself.

  12. Never stepped onto a paddy field before but seen it from afar.

  13. JL
    I think paddy field is most beautiful during harvest season, but I don't even know when it is :(

    Seeing it from afar is not bad :)

  14. kyh
    "Best of Bali" pretty much depends on individual's interest. The island has beaches, volcanoes, ancient temples, traditional dance etc.

    Since you are a student, I suppose time is not a problem. I suggest that you don't join package tour, but instead do it independently. Give yourself more time, say a week.

    Most people stay in hotels near beaches in Southern Bali, and make day trips to other parts of the island. I personally spent the first 2 nights in Southern Bali, then headed for Ubud where I spent 3 nights. On the last night I returned to Southern Bali.

    I stayed in "losmen", or family-run guesthouses. Losmen rooms are generally not air-conditioned, but equipped with fans. The one trouble which I experienced was mosquitoes. I suggest that you bring mosquito coils.

    There are some travel agencies which arrange for buses. Just ask around.

  15. Ooh, I would like to visit this 'Memory Lane' sometime! Can I also engrave stuff in there too? Wait, I think the cement needs to be wet before I engrave, right? LOL.

    I've been to a paddy field. Not Malaysia but Philippines. I even got a chance to 'plant' some crops in it. It was muddy and it requires you to go barefoot but it's alright.

  16. oh I heard about this from the tour guide but we didnt go to ubud area...

    a few places we went, and I can tell ya, taking tour package to Bali is a very hectic and tiring decision, i would rather do it free and easy next round :(

  17. HalfCrazy
    I believe there are 'terraced paddy fields' in Philippines, right? Show us some pictures!

    Actually, when I was in Bali, I took a half-day tour to Tanah Lot, and another one-day tour to the volcano area. But on other days I was traveling on my own.

  18. IN fact, I DUN LIKE BALI!!!!

  19. Do people actually carve their name? Wow, takes time!

  20. Anderson
    OK I know, but you don't need to shout.

    I believe they did it when the cement was still wet.