Sunday, March 22, 2009

Calling Twitter Users

I still don’t get it. I can’t see the relevance of Twitter. If you are a Twitter user, please tell me what you think about it.

Twitter is often referred to as a ‘micro-blogging’ social networking site. Most people use it to tell their friends, or followers, what they are doing. For example, on one day blogger Lisa twittered, “I just got myself a 72-eyeshadow palette!! Yippie!!” On another occasion she complained that she was “very, very tired.”

You are probably aware that you can actually do the same thing with MSN, Yahoo! Messenger or Facebook. There are some differences, of course. With Twitter, you can read the past updates of a person. On Facebook, if you update your status, your past status is gone.

Another salient feature of Twitter is that communication is one way. You can, for example, “follow” Paris Hilton, but she is unlikely to follow you. (Unless, of course, you too are a celebrity.)

When Oscar Academy Awards were being delivered in Hollywood, BBC had life updates on both its own page and on Twitter. However, the story on its own page was more complete, coupled with photos. In the end, I just ignored the Twitter update.

I do see some uses of this micro-blogging service, but they are of little importance to me. So why Twitter? Please enlighten me. In particular, as an MBA student, I would like to know if Twitter can be a business tool.


  1. it's only good for celebrities i guess.. because ppl r interested to keep track of wat they are doing and wat they hav done.. besides tat, i dun c the point also..

  2. Sorry can't help you there, khengsiong cos I don't use Twitter myself. I don't even have a Facebook, for God's sake!

    I am already too preoccupied with my blog and my life off-line, I don't want to be bothered with social networking sites. Real life networking is much more interesting.

    Some bloggers use Twitter to announce a new post in their blogs. As for them announcing about what they do, I think I don't even have enough time to mind my own business where got time to bother about what others are doing or feeling? Haha!

  3. Twitter is for me to announce my current status when i'm too busy to blog or too lazy to log on to facebook. :P

  4. i don't twitter so can't really help u :S

    but i think it's only fun if u have lotsa follower wo
    if not twit for who to see wo right? :S

  5. I think Twitter is only useful if you are famous and have many followers. You can always update them when you're busy with short shoutouts. Otherwise, it's not much of a use. In fact, I seldom update my own Twitter. :P

  6. hey thanks for pointing my tweet tweet out ..haha

    well, there are many reason for a twitter user to use it...

    for me, I find that using it I can tell the readers why I am not blogging for now, or what I am doing and etc, it is more significant for users that often travels and have blackberry or something that can access online, thus updating the twitter frequently..

    then the twitter followers can follow what you tweet, some people use it for their business purposes like what is the latest update ....this is for those who doesnt have a blog ... that attract other twitters to read their updates

    of course, i can be made as a media to update across all platforms, your msn, facebook and etc when you update your twitter..

    for my tweet, i only allowed the latest update to be shown, however you can actually choose how many to be shown though, and people will know what you have posted as well as replied to which users in twitterland.. :)

    as for business, if you google "twitter for business" you'll get the range of idea on what to do with twitter for business =D


  7. Hi all,
    Thanks for your comments.

  8. Wah Lisa's comment is definitely very useful xD

    I like twitter's features but like some others I'm quite busy that I don't have time to update.

  9. So many new websites/web services come up these days... no time to follow. So, I have not twitt yet, not too sure how it works. :)

  10. Hi there!

    I'm one of those Twitter people. At first, I really don't see the point of it. But then I tried and I was pretty hooked. I followed loads of people and I currently have like 400 followers.

    I'm bored with Facebook. Too many apps here and there. The online messengers are pretty necessary. But Twitter is like a chat room.

    There's no harm in trying, you might get hooked too!

    Much Love,

  11. JL
    Twitter's features? Which ones do you mean?

    Guess we all are too old to twit, haha...

    Yeah, agree that Facebook has too many apps. Sometimes I am overwhelmed.

  12. When Twitter first started, I was not keen on joining it feeling that I surely wouldn't want people knowing what I do. No way! At the same time, why would I want to know what others do, where they go, what food they eat, etc. I thought there wouldn't be any value added to all this.

    And to me, following someone, is akin to openly stalking someone. That's how I looked at it then and it felt distasteful.

    I then signed up on a blogger's (positive) nudging and started following some familiar and interesting people, people whom I'd like to know a little bit more about. The thing to remember is not to be affected when people don't follow you back. You do not have to follow people back too. That's one of the beauties of Twitter.

    What I like most about Twitter is that it is simple to use. No hassle to sign up and get on with it. A 140-character limitation per post is restrictive but which accounts for its simplicity and speed in getting the message across. 140-char max allows for sharpening your wits too, if you know what I mean. Cramming a story to within 140 chars can be challenging but you will soon get used to it. But you already know that.

    Twitter can be used on a phone too as in texting. Twitter is fast in that you can communicate your message to tons of people at the same time - your followers, that is. Firemen use Twitter during the last big fire in the States. News can be spread speedily, e.g. when the plane landed on the Hudson River in NY. Barack Obama is on Twitter (and I'm following him) so are a lot of others - musicians, actors, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jimmy Fallon, Al Gore, Shaquille, ordinary bloggers, a whole lotta people and others, CNN.... Come to think of it, where else would you be able to communicate directly to famous personalities. Only Twitter allows that. Not getting a response back is another story but at least the celeb may read your tweet to him/her. Yeah, big deal! Still.

    In your case as a student, you can text a course-related question and your course-mates can answer you almost instantaneously. Or you are out somewhere or planning to be at some place, you send out a tweet and your friends can join you there if they are interested or happen to be around there.

    People use Twitter for many purposes - to announce a new post thus driving traffic to their blog; to gather input, eg about a new item you plan to buy; to answer someone's query by sharing what you know; to connect to friends and family members to keep them updated, eg where you are at or what you just bought; to tweet for help; to make friends as in using it as a social media; to send greetings, to share information, eg if you found an interesting news article and think others may benefit from it. The options are endless!

    There are tons of information on Twitter anyone can read up on.

    If you have signed up, first thing is to read up on the essentials on it and then start looking for people you'd like to follow. You can start by following me, for instance, as well as other fellow-bloggers.

    This is a bit too long, eh? You asked for it, so Happy twittering or tweeting!

  13. same here, no idea abt it..
    even though i had read abt it in the papers...>.<"

  14. happysurfer
    What a long explanation -_-"
    Thanks anyway. But I am not going to follow you...

    Maybe we are outdated :D

  15. What?!! Not going to follow me?! Kidding, of course. To each his own. It does not matter to me, either way. Oh well...

  16. You mean you ah pek liao? Hahaha

  17. @khengsiong
    Like you can set twitter to automatically update your facebook status, that's quite convenient if you don't want to login to FB just to update.

  18. Such a popular post! Well, I used to Twit but not anymore. I think it's rather time-consuming.

  19. JL
    But you need to login to Twitter. It's no more convenient.

    I'm surprised that you don't like Facebook but still tried Twitter before...

  20. hi khengsiong,

    i'm one of those twitter users and i'm enjoying every little bit of it. =)

    i think it's like a chat room of some sort. it's an instant place for you to update your status. you can spread news easily, you can share certain info easily, you can reply to certain tweets posted by friends etc. it's like your very own community.

    well, i'm liking it. it does a lot for this little status update application. =)

    give it a try.