Friday, March 27, 2009

The Battle of the Disneylands

In one of my old post dated January 18, 2009, I mentioned that Shanghai Disneyland, scheduled to open in 2013, could spell the doom of its counterpart in Hong Kong. The battle of the two theme parks highlights the infighting character so common among Chinese.

Then, on March 17, BusinessWeek Online also publish an article with the title Hong Kong Disneyland’s Future Is in Danger. According to this article, the Shanghai park could be as large as 800 hectares. By comparison, Hong Kong Disneyland is just 126 hectares, though it can still expand.

Shanghai Disneyland could kill Hong Kong Disneyland, but is the success of the former guaranteed? Some readers of the BusinessWeek article have already expressed their doubt. A reader who went by the nickname PaPaPeng, for example, wrote:

I have visited both Disneyland in Anaheim and Disney World in Orlando. Both are showing their age in attractions and in rides. As Chinese I don't see this Americana transplant taking root and thriving in China. Chinese are suckers for modern technology and thrills but not for the overhyped stuff dressed in Mickey Mouse suits.

Another reader, Chenleilili, wrote:

I am Shanghai citizen. I do not agree that Shanghai government would make concession for the building of Diseney park in Shanghai as done by HK government. In the past, almost all of the theme park imported from abroad failed to survive in Shanghai.

There is a possibility that Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Walt Disney all turn out to be losers in the Battle of the Disneylands / Battle of the Chinese.

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  1. Mmmm... didn't think of that. Plus, with the bad economy now, will people have extra to pay...

  2. maybe they shd think of a win-win situation..

  3. 两败俱伤。。。
    hopefully won't be liddat la..

  4. I think there's enough disneylands already...

  5. zhu
    I think it will be really tough for the one in Hong Kong.

    If you read the BusinessWeek article, you'll learn that Walt Disney is actually using the Shanghai park as a bargaining chip against Hong Kong government. I doubt it will be win-win...

    I also hope so.

    Yes, I think there are enough Disneylands already.

  6. ppl now think twice before spending on luxuries. the feel good factor is less now

  7. While China and HK are battling it out, we in Malaysia settles for Legoland : )

  8. Haha... worry not, we have Genting! ~~ can compare or not? Wakaka...

  9. bengbeng
    I think the economy will rebound by the time Shanghai Disneyland opens. But whether Mainland Chinese like Mickey Mouse and Donal Duck remains to be seen.

    At least this is the only Legoland in Asia!

    Macau's casino is better wor... Some more Singapore will have 2 coming up.

  10. Don't care because I never like going to casino anyway... haha, but I guess it will be tough for Genting when the Singapore ones are into operation.

  11. I read that JB is looking into one too. That should give Sgp a run for its money in terms of entertainment.

  12. neo
    I also think Genting in Singapore will have a uphill battle.

    As pointed out by FoongPC, Johor has settled for Legoland.