Wednesday, May 14, 2008

AirAsia X’s London Offer

AirAsia X announced that it would fly to London in 2009. A round trip would cost an average of RM1,200.

I was disappointed by the news. We all know that the price advertised by the budget airline is always the minimum price. The actual amount paid by the passengers can be significantly higher. Given that I am reluctant to book my flight 6 months in advance, I doubt I can fly to the British capital and back for under RM2,000 – still not affordable.

There is another concern: the date of the flight is fixed. Assuming that I actually pay RM2,000 for a round trip. Then, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I couldn’t make it. Unlike a ‘full fare’ flight with conventional airlines, change of date is not allowed. I would lose all the money I have paid in advance. Shall I take the risk?

London - dream on...


  1. It's a matter of choice, after all the deductions, KS. Sometimes, one size doesn't fit all.

  2. How much is a roundtrip ticket from MAS?

  3. happysurfer
    If going to London is a must, then AirAsia's offer is attractive. But if I am merely planning for a vacation, then I am likely to give it a pass.

    It is said than a roundtrip ticket from MAS costs around RM4000. AirAsia is still cheaper, but I am a bit uneasy with the fixed date. Back in 2005, I fell sick the day before I went to Bali. I booked AirAsia's flight, so had no choice :-(

  4. really have to plan properly....

  5. Alot of zero fares offered by Mas and air asia.. hehe.. planning to grab some..

  6. 迷迭香
    You are right. Can't change date, so must plan well.

    Don't laugh. I worry they are cutting cost on aircraft maintenance.

  7. That is the weakness of the low-cost-fare like Airasia. We can book now but can't predict what might happen in the next 6 months.

    And for me, risking RM2k is just too much. Better think carefully. ;)

  8. kat
    If I 'must' go to UK, AirAsia is still a good choice. But if I am looking for a vacation destination, the fare is still too much.

  9. The same theory of risk management coming into here. If you want a higher return (low fares), then the risk is higher (may end up forfeiting the ticket if unable to travel at that time).

  10. jam
    If I am only on vacation, the return isn't so high, considering that I have other options.

  11. I will take the bet.

    Unforseen circumstances dont happen that often. Its a small risk to take.

    Just be mindful when setting dates of events that you can control.