Friday, May 09, 2008

Mobile Phone Advice Needed

I am planning to replace my 5-year old mobile phone. (Phew, 5 years is like eternity in the digital age!) I appreciate it should my fellow bloggers would give me advice by answering the following questions:

  1. What mobile phone do you have?
  2. What do you like about it?
  3. What do you dislike about it?

Thank you for your kind assistance.


  1. i'm using Nokia 5610 (Music Express)

    it's nice..below has 3.2mp camera with autofocus..3G..basic nokia functions..not bad..and if u're's not too gurlish oso =P

    what i dun like ar..mmm..the basic nokia functions..i wan symbian os!! hahaha but since u manage to use a phn for 5 yrs..then i guess thsi phn is good for i =D

    have a nice time shopping! ^^

  2. What mobile phone do you have?
    => SE K800i

    What do you like about it?
    => suitable for lazybum like me.. carry only 1 HP can listen to music (MP3 or FM radio), camera, video, sms, talk, 3G... bla bla bla.

    What do you dislike about it?
    => it's micro mini keypad! or izit because of my thumb too big? lol

  3. huei
    Thanks. I think I don't need Symbian kua...

    Not just you. I also feel that keypads for SE phones are too small.

  4. I use a Motorola and I liked no bit of it (I'm still using it because it's still in good condition and it was a gift from a friend). Moto phones are way too user-unfriendly, despite some may find the design cool.

    It depends on what you need from your phone. Camera? (I don't think you do, haha) 3G? Music player? But I think SE ranks best for its camera and walkman phones.

  5. Thanks day-dreamer.
    If young gal like you find Moto user-unfriendly, I sure will struggle with it.

    My camera is too big. I would like to have a camera phone which I can bring along wherever I go...

  6. I don't even know what model am I using now.
    I just knew that it's enough as long as I can keep lots of messages and make calls easily.
    Hope you'll find another hp that will satisfied your need for some years to come!
    Simplicity, considering the life span of something can save the environment too!
    Keep it up!

  7. i'm using SE k550i.

    why i like it?
    because it's nice and cheap (below 1k), with all the basic function.
    moreover the white colour SE k550i is damn cool (my stupid opinion) haha

    i have been using this phone for one year and I satisfied with it.

  8. kai
    I also have forgotten the exact model of my Nokia. Nokia's naming convention is pretty lame.

    I find the keypad of K550i to be a tad too tiny >.<

  9. me.. SE K850i
    will take awhile to get use to the touch-screen and square joy-stick

    love the photos...
    still lovin' it ~ ^_^

  10. 迷迭香
    Se K850i? Is that the latest model? How much did you buy it?

  11. Bought ur new mobile phone edi? :)
    Cheapest 3G phone K660i. Enough for simple using.
    Anyway I still like it coz it is in black and white colour. haha...agree with 我的天地"stupid opinion"

  12. sinji
    Can you show me some photos taken with your phone? I wanna know if I can accept the quality of camera phone, having used dedicated camera for so long.

  13. mm...ok, i try to send to u.
    ofcoz it is not as good as a real camera la...ha~

  14. ops..sorry, is SEK610i not 660:P
    sorry again for my stupid simple brain, i m not able to email u directly by outlook. send me ur email add la. i also got something abt virus to ask u. TQ