Thursday, May 08, 2008

Am I Too Fussy?

In one of posts, I voice my discontent over AirAsia’s “no outside food” policy. (Click here to read.)

Most Malaysians who have flied with AirAsia – including this blogger – are grateful of the budget airline. AirAsia has made air travel affordable. So, why do I complain? Am I too fussy?

I guess this has to do with the fact that I am an MBA student, and had spent some time in the U.S. Many Americans dislike Microsoft even though the software giant – together with IBM and Intel – pioneered personal computing. Americans also dislike Wal-Mart – the world’s largest retailer – even though its “Everyday Low Price” policy benefits consumers.

Americans are unhappy with Microsoft and Wal-Mart because they have so much control over us. Microsoft is now pressuring us to upgrade to Windows Vista, which many people think is worse than XP. Wal-Mart’s dominance is achieved at the expense of its employees who receive low wages and mom-and-pop stores which can’t compete.

Americans don’t trust the authorities. Asians fear and respect the authorities.

Perhaps I am too fussy. Or perhaps I have a more progressive thinking than other AirAsia’s passengers.

What do these companies have in common?

P/S Why did many Malaysian voters support opposition party in the last election? Should we not be grateful of Barisan Nasional?


  1. hahahha great point u hve there

    u know i think it's us ppl who dislike and complain over things who allows them to have improvements

    if ppl didn't complain that MAS was too expensive..will AA even exist? if ppl didn't complain about walking is too difficult for long we all get to drive now? if ppl didn't complain that bicycles were too slow..will there be ferrari now? ^^

  2. huei
    Great to know your opinion. I am not so much into 'improvement', but I am just not happy that AirAsia has so many dos and don'ts.

  3. 忽然脸红兼感到惊讶~怎么会...呃...


  4. sinji
    I hope you don't mind I mention about you in my post.

    AirAsia expended very fast in the last few years. It added many new destinations every year. Tony Fernandes has also founded Tunes Hotel. I suppose the airline must be doing exceptionally well.

    Anyway, MAS has offered 'Everyday low fare' program. AirAsia's grip on budget flights is now being challenged.

  5. 哈哈,没什么,只是感到意外而已。或许你在帮助我。多谢你证明我有存在的价值。哈哈


  6. I am an MBA too. But I prefer AirAsia to MAS. The one which has so much control on us is MAS, not AirAsia. The one which monopolize the Malaysian aviation industry before the introduction of AirAsia is MAS. And MAS got all the subsidize and favortism from government. So who is BN and who is opposition now? It is impossible to see MAS offering cheap fares before the emergence of AirAsia. So, I feel grateful to AirAsia for making Malaysian aviation industry more competitive than before.

  7. sinji
    I hope they will not save on maintenance, or the plane would crash *scary*

    Gotta agree with you. But the fact that we are grateful with AirAsia doesn't mean we want Mr Fernandes to be our boss.

  8. Why against Mr Fernandes? Are you working under him?