Sunday, May 11, 2008

Carnation vs. the Environment

This is May 11, 2008 – Happy Mother’s Day.

Many Malaysians buy carnations for their mothers as a sign of filial love. According to a newspaper source, most of the carnations sold in this country were imported from
Kunming, China.

If environmentalists know about it, they would have made noise. According to them, aircraft is a major source of carbon dioxide. The carnations, I believe, were air-freighted from China.

It is not easy to be green, huh?

So perhaps next year Malaysians should only send e-carnation to their mothers. That is, provided that your mom is internet-savvy.

And guys, please send e-rose to your girls on February 14.

Carnation - culprit of global warming?

P/S This blogger is getting very frustrated as every thing we do contributes to global warming.


  1. Happy Mother's Day.

    Well, newspapers say that meat product contributes a lot of carbon gases (or something like that) too.

  2. day-dreamer
    Perhaps we should go vegan. But we also eat imported veggie. What can be done?

  3. Agreed. How? everything we do contributes to global warming.... sigh...

  4. more taking care of Mother's need in daily life is more meaningful than buying Carnation on Mother's day, and it is no harm to environment...

  5. how u celebrate wit ur mum arr?:P

    Happy Mother's Day orr...wish ur mum healthy n happy always...

  6. Buying flower to mom is a commercialize way... i think the most practical way to show our love to our mom is to always be there to be with you mom... :->

    My mom will not be happy if i buy her flower... :-p

  7. keeyit
    I think family planning is the way.

    Even mother's other needs may be bad to the environment. How about veggie imported from China?

    I gave my mum a treat one week earlier when I went back hometown.

    Agree that to be with our mom is one good way to show our love. The problem is: my parents live in KK while I am in Klang Valley.

  8. unless we start planting in our own garden and pluck the flowers from there for such occasions...
    for us, we went for makan to celebrate mothers' day, that's also not environmental frenly if u want to drill down to details... duh ~ >.<"

  9. difficult position we r in rite

    alot of things we do r harmful to the environment..i really wonder if there's a day where we can get everybody to care

    i'm getting really REALLY annoyed by my neighbour's car washing habit. EVERYDAY! oh well at least some of the waste water flow down to wet the grass outside

  10. Just give a kiss or hug to our mums! :)

  11. huei
    I worry waste water from car wash can kill the grass. The fellow should probably wash the car once a week.

    Kiss and hug isn't an Asian tradition. Furthermore, I have to drive 3 hours to my hometown...

  12. Or just call. :) Anyway, we don't really need to have a special day to show our mums our love. :) Just by being filial is enough.

  13. 迷迭香
    Not sure if carnation can grow well in lowland...

  14. Carnations grow everywhere, even in lowland. My neightbour used to have pots of them in her garden.

    It's really not possible to go totally green. Everything we do, eat, wear, use, causes some harm to the environment. We can only contribute to slowing down the process. Send e-stuff might be a good start, eh? But so unromantic, wor. lol

  15. i have seen that before
    but the plant is tiny
    so is the flower...>.<"

  16. happysurfer
    Yes, individual efforts have limitations. Ultimately we still need the governments to act.

    Do you mean carnation in lowland? That is what I suspect.

  17. No matter what we do and how we do it, the fact is we still contribute towards global warming. I will say why not think moderately. Instead of stopping all your activities which contribute towards global warming (which leads to a super duper boring life), we can try to reduce those activities and at the same time, do some carbon offset related activities such as planting trees at your backyard.

  18. jam
    Today most of us live in the city, and we have limited space for trees. I guess what we can do is:
    - city-wide tree planting program
    - large scale re-forestation.

    Unfortunately these are beyond individual efforts.

  19. Ya, I agree with you especially if one is staying in big city like KL.

  20. jam
    My neighbor just chopped down a tree yesterday.