Tuesday, May 20, 2008


For years, I have not bothered to entertain fundraisers who approach me in restaurants or shopping malls. Not that I am uncompassionate, but I suspect that they are professionals who earn a living in the name of charity.

A few years ago, I gave money to people who purportedly raised fund for National Kidney Foundation. Later it was revealed that only 10% of the fund would go to the foundation. The balance was shared by the fundraisers and other parties involved.

In another occasion, I was approached by someone who raised fund for the Worldwide Fund of Nature (WWF). I was eager to help. Upon discussion, nonetheless, I found out that the fundraising body refused to accept one-time cash donation. Instead, I was told to sign an agreement to donate, using my credit card, every month. Furious at their demand, I backed off.

I did make donation to a Myanmar relief fund after the impoverished country was hit by cyclone last May. The fund was set up by a religious group, and the money collected would be channeled directly to a monastery in Myanmar, bypassing the junta. I know my money will be put into good use.


  1. Yeah. I also doubt if those donations go to the right people. So sometimes I'd rather donate personally to the charity homes. That's what my family does anyway.

  2. Si Chuan also needs help lol.. Yeah normally I will donate at those charity homes that I know..

  3. day-dreamer
    Charity homes? Do you mean orphanage and old folks homes?

    I know Sichuan needs help too, but my wallet runs dry already, LOL... Anyway, MBA Superstar Yao Ming donated RMB500,000 to Sichuan. Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce donated RM280,000 to China, and only RM20,000 to Myanmar. I am more concerned with Myanmar.

  4. sign an agreement to donate, using credit card monthly?
    tat is too much d.... >.<"

  5. 迷迭香
    These people were 'greedy'...

  6. sigh..unfortunately i'm still VERY skeptical about these 'fund raising' campaign..thats y i won't donate cash..anymore!

    i think donating things..like food/clothes/toys for orphanage etc. is a much better choice..if we donate cash..who knows where the cash will go to right? even if u donate directly to the respective places..those incharge are still human..n human..r selfish n greedy!

  7. huei
    Not all charity groups handle clothes...

  8. We can also donate through Sinchew. I think they are trustworthy too.

  9. jam
    Correct, we can trust Sin Chew.

  10. I've heard of this before. I know fundraisers need money to promote the fund but if only 10% are given to patients, that's not acceptable.

    The use of credit card is OK because it makes it easier to donate monthly without having to pay cash or write a cheque everytime.

    But to force people to donate monthly or not accepting a one-off cash donation is not acceptable.

    Since I donate to MAKNA monthly, how do I find out if they also practise the same?