Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sexual Harassment

Disclaimer: This blogger never discriminates against women.

I came across this joke on the Internet:

Why Beer is Better than Women?

You can enjoy a beer all month long.

Beer never threatens to go to a lawyer.

Beer doesn’t talk back to you and ask a lot of silly questions.

Beer doesn’t have a mother that goes with it.

Beer doesn’t have an anniversary for you to forget.

When you buy a beer, you own it.

Beer never cries or get jealous.

(To learn more about the joke, please google in the Web.)

So what do you think? Is it a harmless joke that lightens your day? Think again…

In 1992, an e-mail containing this joke was circulated in Chevron, the oil company based in San Francisco. Four female employees sued the company for sexual harassment. The court ruled in 1995 that Chevron must pay a total of $2.2 million to the plaintiffs.

So, what constitutes sexual harassment?


  1. I didn't google about this joke... but I don't find it err... harassing.

  2. i only interested in $2.2 million!! they gonna be rich!!

  3. I'm going to sue you, Khengsiong!!!!


  4. day-dreamer
    I guess Western people think differently. Or perhaps Asians do not know their right???

    So the harassment is worth it, LOL...

    Where are you going to sue me? In Malaysia, Phillipines or USA?

  5. In Malaysia we call this joke. In USA they call this "political correctness" :p

  6. I think it's nice to live in the US. Cos you can sue others for anything and everything!

    There's a fly in your soup - sue the restaurant!

    You slipped in a hotel and broke your leg - sue the hotel!

    You are fired for no obvious reason - sue the company!

    You put on weight eating too much burgers at McDonalds - sue McDonalds!

    You were diagnosed with lung cancer as a result of smoking too much cigarettes - sue the cigarette company!

    As for this joke, I don't think it is sexual harassment if I were one of the women, I would sue too. Why not and who cares whether it is sexual harasssment? The important thing is whether you can get the millions! LOL!

  7. JL
    Yes, that's the right term!

    Better be a lawyer in the US. Lots of business.

  8. the judge must be a woman~!

  9. U.S people will sue over anything. A judge pants is lose by the laundry and he sue the laundry for over 10 million for the pants. Luckily he didn't win.

  10. wah like this also can sue for 2.2 mil???? i find it damn funny tho, and true to some point. hehehe

  11. This is cause for a lawsuit in the US because they are very strict about sexual harrassment. Over there, complimenting on how nice a lady look can also be construed as sexual harrassment.

    Sexy calendars are of course a no-no on the workstation, for instance.

    This results in women being shown more respect instead of being treated as sex objects. Malaysia has a lonnnnnnggggggggg way to go. Let's get the trash separated into organic and inorganic first..

    KS, good topic for discussion.

  12. Ouh my God! Even that's called Sexual harassment?

  13. nicHaha... not sure about that.

    SupermanYes, I heard of that case too.

    xinFunny but true to some points? So do you agree or disagree?

    happysurferNeed to be more careful now -_-"

    tekkausWell, at least this is the case in the US.

  14. foongpc read my thoughts! Who cares if it's sexual harassment? Hahahahaha....

    But you should be careful with the jokes wherever country you are. Some people can be quite sensitive.

  15. So much fun living in the US... here so boring le...

  16. 宝茹Yeah, I understand that many people are sensitive...

    neoSo much fun, provided that you are not the defendant.

  17. Never belittle women cos we can threathen u guys anything.. heh

  18. Got any jokes about men instead? I want to sue my employer too!

  19. THB
    So if women belittle men no problem?

    Calvin Foo
    Jokes about men. Yeah plentiful.
    I used to save a lot of jokes, but then they were all gone when my hardisk crashed.

  20. I think the court made the right decision in ordering Chevron to pay the 4 female employees. Although there were no specific names mentioned in the joke and nobody was directly affected, the contents of the joke were generally offensive to women. It compared women to beer, thus the dignity of women were degraded.

    Alana Gorecki