Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eat Breakfast like a King

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.

Adelle Davis (1904 – 1974)

Breakfast, according to health gurus, is the most important meal of the day. It gives us the energy to a new day. Study has also showed that eating breakfast can help us in weight control.

Unfortunately, not many of us can do as what Adelle Davis suggested. Every morning, adults rush to go to workplace. Many skip breakfast altogether. Students may go to class slightly later. But these are the people who love nightlife. They would wake up at 10am and rush to attend the 11am class with empty stomachs. Working people are too busy to think about health, while students are too young to do so.

I do eat breakfast, but that’s a light one. In order to have the most important meal of the day, I am forced to wake up earlier than average people. This, in turn, means that I have to go to bed early.

Lunch is, likewise, a light one. I can’t have a heavy meal during the one-hour break. Not to mention that the food near my workplace isn’t so great. It turns out that my dinner is the heaviest of the meals!

Apparently I am not the only one who eats dinner like a king. For married people, this is the meal they could enjoy together with family members. Young ones, on the other hand, would have a dinner with their lovers in a romantic setting.

Can Adelle Davis’s advice still apply in the 21st century?


  1. I think it can still be applicable now, because 事在人为.

    There's a saying that goes something like 早餐吃得好,午餐吃得饱,晚餐吃得少 right? Haha.

  2. 只有晚餐才是全家人坐下一起吃的时候,丰盛点是必然的,只是必须有所节制而巳.

  3. 早餐我一定吃。不过不会吃得很丰富,只要吃得饱就行了。年轻人不喜欢吃早餐,睡不醒;反而那些退休的老人比较爱吃早餐,因为他们时间多。^_^

  4. day-dreamer
    I know you wake up late. Your breakfast in actually lunch, hahaha...



  5. Same here, never been a breakfast person, even when I was a kid. Back in France, we used to sneak out from school at 10:00 recess to buy croissants because we were hungry!

    Even now, I don't eat breakfast. It's mostly because I have a long bus ride, and if I eat, I'm sick in the bus... :(

    But I do grab something very light, like a yogurt.

    And yes, dinner is my main meal, although in Canada I eat much earlier than in France. It feels weird if I have a light dinner... and I only have 30 min. at lunch, so there is no way I can eat much.

  6. What a nice hearty breakfast!

  7. I make sure I eat breakfast, but my breakfast is only fruits, so that's hardly eating like a king!

    Lunch and dinner is moderate like a prince. I think I never eat like a king unless I go for buffet! haha!

    Btw, I eat 6 times a day, so all my meals have to be somewhat light or moderate, or I'll grow fat!

  8. I'm a dinner (or you can include supper too :P) person, never a breaky guy. If it weren't for the industrial training that I'm currently undergoing, I'd only wake up during lunch time. :P

  9. I believe different people may have meals that suit their body as long as the meals are taken at more or less consistent timing. The health gurus' theory may be not applicable to everyone.

  10. Me too, my heaviest is dinner! And perhaps some supper at 11pm or 12 midnight. :)

  11. Zhu
    Yogurt is healthy food, but you probably can eat a little bit more.

    Mei Ting
    The picture was not taken by me lah... My breakfast is very simple.

    I know young people hardly eat breakfast.

    Hmm... I am no health expert. I can't comment on that.

    Photographers should sleep early and wake up early!

  12. Wake up earlier, and its more likely that you have a bigger breakfast.

    People who wake up late sometimes have brunch (breakfast + lunch), and this kind of screw up their dining time.

  13. i have bfast everyday, but its just bread n a drink. same like the others, dinner is usually my heaviest, coz it is the only time i get to eat with family or friends =/ bad i know, but so hard to avoid

  14. shingo
    I wake up at 6.15am, but still only manage a light breakfast -_-"

    Me too. Breakfast is just bread and coffee or tea.

  15. It's possible to do this but it definitely requires some adjustment. Plus point of doing this is your stomach doesn't feel so bloated when you sleep :P