Friday, June 12, 2009

Down the Memory Lane (1)

Before I purchased my first digital camera, I shot film. Recently I scanned some of my films into digital images. Here are some photos taken in USA. Eh… I know my skill sucked then…

I was a contract worker for Ericsson US. Ericsson’s headquarter was located in Texas, but I was based at its regional office in Brea, Southern California

I stayed in a hotel called Candlewood Suites in Garden Grove

You can learn more about the Candlewood Suites in my old post. Click the link at the bottom of the post.

Even though I was based at Ericsson’s office in Brea, most of the time I worked at clients’ place. My first assignment was at Oceanside, a nice seaside town in North San Diego County

In Oceanside I worked with a gentleman with the name Patrick McIntyre. Sigh, I haven’t got a picture of him.

La Jolla – pronounced LA-HOYA – was another seaside town in Southern California. I went there to buy some souvenirs from Hard Rock Café…

From Oceanside I visited San Diego Sea World. Killer whales (orcas) were the big draw of the park…


Candlewood Suites


  1. Talking about it almost redundant right now. Almost all pro are turning to digital. :D

    I used to snap with films too. And sometimes they are expensive.

  2. Hey, your skill obviuosly was not sucked then. The photos look stunning with vibrant colours....

  3. tekkaus
    From what I know, pros who turn digital do not necessarily abandon film. Many think that digital images are too 'flat', of which I have similar feeling.

    B&W photography is still best done with film.

    Vibrant colors are due to film, not my skills.

  4. KS, thanks for sharing. How long ago was that? The streets seem deserted.

  5. Yes, the place looks pretty deserted. So did you enjoy your job there?

  6. u took the dolphin pic too? i tot it looked great

  7. I would cringe if I were to relook at my old photos shot in film. I am glad I discovered digital photography.

  8. Nice orca shot!

    I liked film but it was a bit of a hassle given the process of films, processing etc.

    I love digital!

  9. happysurfer
    Do you mean the streets in Oceanside? It was spring. I think Oceanside would be crowded in summer.

    The job was tough, but I love California.

    That's killer whale, or orca. Well, orca is actually in the same family as dolphins, but much larger.

    Mei Ting
    Bad or not, old film shots still tell the story.

    The orca shot is not exactly great. My timing was wrong.

  10. i see. thanks for the info. i dont know why the first thing that popped to my mind was dolphin. lol

  11. Nice scenery!
    and so clean!

  12. I love that prim, proper, clean feel in your pictures. Somehow it feels nice just to be there, no matter how hard your work is.

  13. Oceanside looks good!
    Hope I get the chance to go US someday, this time for vacation.

  14. xin
    Killer whales do look like dolphins, so I wouldn't be surprised that someone make this mistake.

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Yes, I do think that my hard work in the US was worth it. Not because of the wages, but for the experience.

    Even if you go to the US for business purpose, do take time off to travel around :)

  15. Lovely pics, thanks for sharing!

    By the way, got your Super GT ticket?