Monday, December 06, 2010

Java Trip (IX)

Malang – the city of Bad Luck

I was bemused by the name of this city in East Java, as malang means ‘bad luck’ in Indonesian.

My initial plan for the Java trip was to return to Surabaya in the fifth day. However, after spending my first day in Surabaya, I changed my mind and decided to go to Malang instead. It turned out that Malang was a nice place to spend a day or two.

No, Malang couldn’t compare to Bromo or Ijen. But if you are running out of Rupiah, you can withdraw money from ATM using your credit card.

If you want to buy souvenirs for your family or friends, Sarinah Department Store near alun alun is a good place to stock up.

If you are fed up with tourist-oriented restaurants which serve lousy food at bloated price, there are some fine eateries in Malang. My pick: Ikan Bakar 52 near Carrefour. (It serves more than just grilled fish.)

Splendid Inn

As a budget traveler, I always tried to be kiamsiap (stingy). Throughout the Java trip, I had been staying in budget hotels. On the final night, I decided to let loose and pamper myself with a better room. Nonetheless, for the sake of Mother Earth, I said ‘no’ to air conditioning. My choice in Malang: Splendid Inn. A fan-cooled room cost 190,000 Rp.


Good room at affordable price; decent breakfast served from 6.00am; strategic location


Rooms need maintenance


  1. The rooms looked pretty decent. Was the weather terribly hot? If so, would definitely be better to get air conditioned rooms.

  2. The room looks bright and clean.

    Other than Genting Highlands, I can't recall any hotels that I stay that has no air-condition. Wifey can't sleep without it.

  3. yeah, the name of that place will surely not appear in our land right?? sounds so not nice~~

  4. but have you found out what does Malang means in Indonesia?? perhaps it could be a very auspicious words?? :p

  5. yeah, i agree with you.. although budget trip, but at least treat yourself nice on the very last day..

  6. i guess being "stingy" for so many days, you'd sure have lots of money left.. and just pamper yourself on the very last day since you have more money to stretch..

  7. hmmm, but that "Splendid Inn" doesn't look very splendid to me.. i really don't like this kind of floral homely designs~~ :p

  8. Guess the room is not WYSIWYG? Looks pretty neat and decent from the photo. The room is not that Splendid after all huh? haha.

  9. Anorganik is the opposite of organik! Learning a new word..tQ

  10. Mei Teng, Shingo
    Malang is at a higher altitude. The climate is more moderate.

    I check Google Translate. Malang is indeed bad luck.

    The room isn't splendid, but good enough for me.

  11. When I am tired & exhausted, I can sleep and doze off in any type of rooms whether flowery or just made of cardbox bed!

  12. The price you paid for was worth it but I prefer air con lah... I am like a fish!

  13. I am really curious on trying to use credit card to withdraw from ATM overseas. I tried once in Bangkok but it didn't work.

  14. I think ikan bakar Indonesian style must be nice...

    The room is clean, that's most important.

  15. I think travelers have subjective views and spending patterns. I am not stingy with rooms and food besides tipping a lot to poor folks but I hardly or never buy souvenirs! Am I stingy?

  16. Room looks neat and interesting about the two bins. They are garbage bins, aren't they? No landscape photos? What's there in Malang? Anything outstanding in the town?

  17. I heard Malang is such a pleasant town and I expect you to post more pics of its cityscape! :P

  18. Twilight
    I withdrew money from ATM in Bali a few years back, but not this time.
    I think everyone is generous in some ways, and stingy in other ways.

    I didn't try ikan bakar, so I can't comment.

    Yes, these are garbage bins. More photos in next post.

    Yes, most pictures will come.

  19. What a name for a town! LOL!
    The Splendid Inn room looked a little rundown.. but it's huge!

  20. The place looks cozy enough. Is the grilled fish good?

  21. witch
    This hotel is certainly no match to the 2nd best hotel in Xiamen.

    I actually ate veggie and chicken in the grilled fish shop, LOL...

  22. So Malang is not such a malang place after all : )