Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My New PC

In the era of iPhone and iPad, writing about PC seems to be anti-climax. PCs are not sexy; they are commodities; they don’t capture our imagination… Nonetheless, most of us still need a PC. So, bear with me…

I bought a new Dell laptop recently. This is my third laptop. My first one set me back some RM7,000; the second one cost about RM3,700. The new Dell notebook costs slightly less than RM2,200, inclusive of genuine Microsoft Office.

As you are probably aware, PCs have become cheaper over the years. At the same time, we also have more ‘objects of desire’. We want iPhone, iPad, digital camera, 42” 3D LED TV, hi-fi set… I see people – the same groups of people – discussing these gadgets all the time, and can’t help but wonder, “Are Malaysians so rich!??”

Back to my new Dell… I initially set aside RM3,000 for a new PC. I could have bought a better laptop, but ultimately decided against it. The reason: our world will come to an end in 2012!

Just kidding lah… The reason is that USB 3.0 will become main stream in 2012. I didn’t want to buy a more expensive PC, which would become obsolete in 18 months anyway. I can now spend the money saved on other gadgets.


The new Dell has a chrome back cover, which looks great. Unfortunately, any stains are easily discernable. This computer even has a multi-touch touchpad. My main gripe is Windows 7, which isn’t as easy to use as XP.


  1. wow cool!! a new laptop as your christmas present to welcome the new year!!

  2. only RM2200, that is a very good deal.. so i suppose this is Dell Inspiron?? looks cool, i like the color..

  3. mine is around RM2800, i maximize the hardware with minimum software, afterall i mostly use this laptop to surf net only.. :p

  4. i think Win7 is still ok, if compare to Vista which is really a nightmare.. i'm actually happy using Win7..

  5.'re spending less on laptops. How come you purchased such an expensive laptop the first time? I would rather invest in an L-lens ;)

  6. U'll get used to it in no time! I switched from XP to Vista, then to Win 7. It works seamlessly. :D

    And I do hope the world would come to an end in 2012! No need to fuss about life later! hahaha~

  7. I want to invest in a new laptop too. :D

    Dell laptops are always good. :)

  8. Ya laptops are getting cheaper and cheaper! Can even get one for less than 2k now from dell. Btw, you should have asked Saucer to help you get one ler.. he got inside discount ler... hehe

  9. SK
    Yes, this is Inspiron.


    Mei Teng
    I didn't own a DSLR when I bought my first laptop.

  10. kyh
    Hopefully my next life - maybe in another world - would be better, haha...

    Dell PC is just average, but I don't need a really good one.

    Too late! I have got it.

  11. Yeay for the last toy for 2010!

    I have been using notebook for most of my life and now I am on my 3rd. The second one was Dell and it is still surviving now after errr 6 years! But i had to upgrade already :P

    And now i am using the 3rd, which is an Acer. but I can't stand looking at small monitor anymore, so I have a external monitor and external keyboard :)

  12. omg?! 7K for 1st lappy? @.@ n true laptops are getting cheaper, n those gadgets like iphone n ipad all will getting cheaper n cheaper too. haha!
    the color of ur lappy nice! :D

  13. So expensive the first laptop? What brand is that?

  14. RM7,000 I can buy a Mac, an iPhone and a camera!

  15. I like Windows XP! still using XP! Haha!

  16. xin
    You sound like you're getting old...

    Notebook PCs were expensive those days.

    My first laptop was Toshiba.

  17. I do agree that XP is more user-friendly than Windows 7 but it just takes some getting used to, I guess. Congrats on your new PC.

  18. Yeah, Laptops were very expensive when it was introduced into the market. Why is the PC going obsolete when USB 3.0 is mainstream? Wishing you Happy New Year 2011!

  19. Here's me wishing you a great year 2011 ahead, Khengsiong.

    Love reading your keen opinions on management and politics. Keep them coming! ^_^

  20. Somehow we go thru life almost the same trend bought my first Dell Latitude close to RM7k with only 2G HDD in '97. 2nd Dell Inspiron (still using it) at almost half the price now 3rd Dell XPS slightly higher than 2nd but still much much cheaper than the 1st. Happy 2011.

  21. If the world is coming to an end in 2012, all the more you need to spend it as you can't take your money with you. LOL

    Nevertheless what you have done is what I will do too as I just need a certain requirement to do some basic stuff.

  22. hahaha good move! my office provided me a new HP laptop with Win 7 and Ms Office 2010. i found it very user friendly. it can even do project management just in a click. ^-^

  23. Happysurfer

    Autumn Belle
    USB 3.0 is much faster than 2.0.


  24. Bananaz
    Sounds like you're very loyal to Dell, LOL...

    Haha... maybe you're right.

    Wow... you apply your MBA lessons in your job.

  25. Wow! You must be rich to invest so much for a laptop earlier on! I just received my HP G42 as my birthday present last week. That is good enough for me.