Saturday, December 11, 2010

Java Trip (X)

Malang’s Architecture

Architecture photography has never been my cup of tea. In my trip to Malang, however, I decided to shoot pictures of buildings. I did so specially for one person – Kyh – our budding architect.

Balai Kota – City Hall:

A church:

Jesus is Yesus in Indonesian:

Another church:

A mosque:

Not sure what this building is:


  1. I am not really into architecture photography too. But don't mind catching some great moments if there are photo opportunities.

  2. hahah! Thanks for dedicating this entry to me. :P Give this post a like! ;)

    Btw, I found the churches in Indonesia to be esp beautiful - full of colonial flavours (perhaps those are built during the dutch era). Unlike ours, which have transformed from the typical church architecture into shoplots. *rolls eyes*

  3. i am very into architecture photography!! i love to shoot nice and unique buildings, as well as enjoy looking at those photos..

  4. whenever i go travelling, buildings are sure one thing that i'd like to shoot, other than myself posing in front of the building of course, haha~~

  5. anyway, this is interest, but guess i still have a lot to learn before i can take really good photos eih?? haha~~ :p

  6. And must have good cameras before I can be pro just like you bro. :p

  7. i love taking picha of building. especially at night :D

    btw, which dslr model you are using?

  8. Very nice churches. We still have some nice churches here too, the older ones.

    I remember struggling to take a picture that includes the entire cathedral in Christchurch, NZ. Looking back, I should have moved further away.

  9. Mei Teng
    I guess we are not specialized, haha...

    Older churches in Malaysia are not bad too.

    Too bad I am not in the picture.

  10. tekkaus
    I am no pro lah...

    My camera is a very old model - Canon 350D. It's discontinued already.

    Sometimes it's OK to shoot portion of the building rather than the whole of it.

  11. Oh picked up a few tips here so not necessary to 'cover' the whole building. Yeah looks good with bits of here and there..tQ

  12. They do have nice buildings in Malang. Some look like colonial style.

  13. I love the picture of the first church and the mosque..

  14. i love pictures of buildings.

  15. I don't mind shooting architecture photography but of course I'm not a pro and I don't even use SLR. Still, love looking at those architecture photos!

  16. The religious place in Malang are surprisingly beautiful!

  17. Yesus? That's funny. I think it's our heart that counts. Different languages have different ways to address the Gods. God knows what we think.

  18. terimakasih telah berkunjung ke Indonesia.