Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Question Marks over a Deadly Accident

Three teenagers aged 17-18, were killed in a road accident in Malaysia on Dec 7, 2010. The tragedy took place on a highway at around 3.30am in the morning.

According to witnesses, the driver, who died on the spot, was trying to make an illegal U-turn in the middle of the highway when their car was struck by another vehicle.

A few things crossed my mind when I read the news:

First, why was the driver making a U-turn on a highway? Didn’t he know it was illegal?

Second, the accident took place at 3.30 in the morning. Why were the three teenagers not at home by then?

Third, the driver was only 17 years old; he only got his driving license one month ago. (Other sources say a few months.) Was he too young to drive without adult supervision? His father defended him, saying that the teenager ‘had never had any accident record’.

According to another source, the young driver once threatened to not sit for exam, when the school wanted him to trim his hair. I suspect he was of rebellious type. If he had been driving recklessly, who was to be blamed?

Read the full story here:

Taking illegal U-turn on highway a costly mistake for three friends

17-years old called home to say they would be late


  1. i briefly saw this news in the train this morning..

  2. not able to read the details because i was reading the paper that belongs to another passenger..

  3. oh right, i guess the driver sure is rebellious type.. and did he purposely make that U-turn and caused the lethal accident??

  4. haiz, i'm actually sad to read this.. always feel sad to read articles of killing accidents..

  5. ohmaigawd so sad!!!
    reckless and ignorant driver liddis is endangering other life!!!

  6. those fresh-from-the-oven drivers... tsk tsk tsk. esp those who has the tendency to 'show off' or drive as if they're owning the road. sigh!

  7. This is such a freak accident that it gives me goosebumps every time I read about it. I won't be surprised if they raise the minimum age for driving license because of this!

  8. SK
    According to report, the driver purposely made the illegal U-turn.

  9. The driver not only risk his life but also killed his friends life .

    He knew that wrong and risks but he still did .Rest in peace.

    Hope this will give lessson to others drivers

  10. wintergurl
    Accident happens everyday. People don't learn :(

  11. A car is a lethal weapon in the hands of anyone, let alone a teenager. So sad to read this all-too-familiar story...

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