Tuesday, December 14, 2010

KL International Motor Show 2010

Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010 (KLIMS ’10) was held from Dec 3 to Dec 12. For those who had not been able to visit the fair, here are some pictures for sharing…

One of the star attractions of in KLIMS was Chevrolet Camaro. This is the car which appears in the movie Transformers as Bumblebee:

Many car makers showcased ‘green vehicles’ in the show. One was them was Insight, Honda’s entry level hybrid vehicle:

Mitsubishi, on the other hand, presented the kawaii (cute) iMiev:

Even Proton, Malaysia’s car maker, displayed a few green vehicles. Shown below are an electric vehicle and a charging station:

Perodua, another Malaysian car maker, displayed a concept car code-named Bezza. I was more interested in the beautiful model though...

Some gorgeous booth babes in the show:

One of the most intriguing thing on display was Honda’s unicycle – code-named U3-X. It could move on smooth surface without tumbling:

A hot girl demonstrating the use of U3-X. Do you think the photographers at the background were more interested in the gadget or the girl?

Many photographers who visited KLIMS were disappointed, as they were expecting to see sport cars. Instead, they were presented with green vehicles. I wonder if I were the only Malaysian excited by clean tech. It looks like the Earth Hour observed in this country every year has failed to instill environmentalism among Malaysians.


  1. didn't go visit as i'm really not someone who is crazy about cars..

  2. maybe that explains why i still don't own a car and still taking the public transport?? haha~~

  3. but one thing i always notice is.. there is always pretty sexy models together with the cars..

  4. ever wonder why there is such a linkage between cars and women?? :p

  5. Did you submit any photos of the models for the photo competition in conjunction with the motor show?

  6. SK, the linkage between women and cars is that sex sells!

  7. So they all the more shouldn't use models to promote, if they want to stress on green...

  8. [SK] the old adage transformed no longer cigarette woman and wine, now its petrol woman and car hehe..Boy oh boy the gals are gorgeous and the cars.. fast and furious..tQ

  9. Hmmm..insight is an entry level hybrid right? I wonder how much it cost. :p

  10. SK
    Cars are yang, women are yin.

    Mei Teng
    No, didn't join the competition.

    I don't get you. How does using models to promote the fair negatively impact the environment?

    Green cars are not meant to be fast and furious.

    You can check with Honda, but I think it's cheaper than Prius.

  11. This is a good place to practice photography skills.

  12. You didn't enter the photo contest? I thought photos #4, 7 and the last one would make good submissions.

    Tekkaus, you can find Honda Insight price here...

  13. At least you still took some car pictures.. some of the blogs were more interested in showing models pictures only.. hmm..

  14. gorgeous models n cars too :)

  15. u showed some concern on the green cars unlike others who focus on hawt baybehs :S

    the cars are all berry canggih liddat :D

  16. cool! u was there eh? read from some other blogger friends about it too. n many of my friends were the models at there too! LOL!

  17. Autumn Belle
    Not exactly. To practice portrait, it would be better to hire a model.

    I think the photo contest is for shooting certain models only.

    witch, annant
    It is natural for guys to shoot pretty girls.

    Yeah, correct.

    Oh, why didn't you make some side income too?

  18. The beauty is what guys are after, both the cars and the women have it....:D

    You should have entered the photo contest, it is good sharing/learning opportunity.

  19. Because you said "Do you think the photographers at the background were more interested in the gadget or the girl?" so the focus should be on green vehicles and not models.

    I didn't mean that engaging models in vehicle fairs would make the environment less green... :D

  20. I didn't go cos I was worried that I might end up buying cars that I could ill afford! Our models are so decently dressed, Malaysia tak boleh! LOL...

  21. Haha! I think the photographers are more interested in the models especially the cars were all green cars! LOL!

  22. Another Smart post from you Admin :)