Sunday, December 26, 2010

Java Trip (XII)

Eating in Java

If you want to save money, the rule of thumb is: avoid tourist-oriented restaurants. Of course, if you are in tour group, you may have no choice. During my Kawah Ijen tour, we had lunch in a restaurant in Pantai Pasir Puteh. Nasi goreng (fried rice) and watermelon juice cost me 40,000 Rp. Compare this to the other meals I had in Java…

Note: Despite the pictures posted in here, I don’t consider myself a meat-lover.

My dinner in Probolinggo (Oct 27) consisted of ayam penyet (chicken), steamed rice and fruit juice. Total price: 20,000 Rp. The ayam penyet tasted better than the franchised variant in Malaysia…

I had mie pangsit (noodle) and bakso on my first day in Malang. I couldn’t believe how cheap they were – each of them cost Rp3,500. I suspect ‘bak’ was derived from Hokkien (Southern Fujianese) and means ‘meat’…

On my second day in Malang, I had my lunch in Ikan Bakar 52. Despite its name, this resto served more than just grilled fish. I ordered ayam taliwang (chicken), tofu and steamed rice. They came to a total of 27,600 Rp…

Before my return flight to Malaysia, I had my dinner in Surabaya Airport. I ordered rawon, a type of meat soup. I don’t remember its unit price, but together with steamed rice and drink, they came to a total of 46,000 Rp…

Street food vendor in Probolinggo…

Mobile bakso stall in Malang…

Bakso must be the national street food of Indonesia. Even President Obama publicly said that the Indonesian food was tasty…


  1. of course ayam penyet should be more delicious than the franchise here.. those you had in Indonesia must be authentic..

  2. i think in general the meals you had are not too expensive and quite affordable, as they are almost the same price here back in KL, and i guess really cheap compared to SGD??

  3. but are you the mie pangsit and bakso only cost Rp3,500?? that's unbelievable cheap!! can't even find that price here already..

  4. I came across road side stalls selling bakso in Bali but did not try it out.

  5. Ya I was surprised to find the bakso so cheap, considering its rich ingredients!

  6. The ayam penget doesn't look penget enough o. :D

  7. SK
    Actually mie pangsit and bakso cost 3,500Rp EACH. Total was 7,000Rp - still cheap though.

    Mei Teng
    I also didn't try the road side stall, haha...

    Just do it!

    Not just bakso was cheap. Generally the food was cheaper in East Java than in KL.

    Maybe there are regional difference.

  8. * if you are planning to go to Uniqlo
    try to go by 31 Dec, while the sales is still on ~ ^_^

  9. The ayam penyet that you had definitely looked different from the one in Malaysia! And I had Bakso before too in Bali! Hmm I thought it was just so-so.. did u like it? :P

  10. Is Bakso meatball sort of? If it is, then it could have its origin from Hokkien cuisine. 'Bak' is meat and 'so' is an action when you roll something with your hands as in rolling meat into a round shape, for instance.

    Thanks for the food info. Could be helpful for travellers to Indonesia. An equivalent RM amount in brackets would be helpful though. Saves readers having to do the conversion. My two cents.

  11. 迷迭香

    The bakso I ate was OK, but not great. But I guess it depends on individual shops.

    If I do the conversion for RM, I will do for dollar too.

  12. Julie
    No, I didn't try nasi Padang.

  13. Nice and cheap food! To be honest, I have yet to try ayam penyet in Malaysia!!

  14. Another Smart post from you Admin :)