Sunday, November 15, 2009

Twitter for Business

Chef Choi with his truck (source:

What can you do with Twitter, other than announcing to your followers what movies you watch and where you have your dinner?

American chef Roy Choi has found an ingenious use of the micro-blogging site. He sells Korean BBQ taco from his mobile kiosk – a truck. (Taco is originally a type of Mexican food, but Choi has added Korean touch to it.) He announces his whereabouts via Twitter alerts. (The End of California? Dream On!, Time Magazine, November 2, 2009 issue)

That’s a creative use of technology, isn’t it?


  1. good for him.
    now everyone need to follow the IT steps~

  2. Indeed very useful. :)

    I have used Twitter to earn some money while promoting my blog. :)

  3. yo bro....i am back from krabi...thanks for ur support and visit to my site.

    are u still with digi?

  4. kikey
    Yes, we can't afford to be left out of technology.


    You must tell us how to earn money from tweeting!

    No, I'm no longer with DiGi.

  5. he deserves to succeed!

  6. Obama used it to rally for the Presidential campaign....

    However, those really using it usefully are minority I guess.

  7. Twitter and Facebook are great tools that people are using to gain traffic and increase income in business.

  8. Haha, nice use of Tweeter in this example!

    I wonder if there are any stories of Tweeter being used for the man to report his whereabouts to his wife. That would be so scary.

  9. well, i would say with all these online social networking, there is actually a lot of business potential lying within.. what you need to do is to twist your thinking a little.. :)

  10. xin
    Not sure how successful he is...

    Most Twitter users just use the service to announce their personal matters.

    Yes, Facebook and Twitter can be business tools.

    No need to use Twitter to report whereabout to wife. Some phones can do just that.

    But most of us are not good in 'twisting our thinking'.

  11. I agree a lot of businesses and even superstars are using Twitter to promote themselves and bring in the $$$!

    A good example would be my idol Mariah Carey - she uses Twitter to announce her next appearances and that's why she always have a crowd attending all her public appearances. She also uses Twitter to announce product launches so in fact, she's a pretty sharp businesswoman!

    Needless, to say I am one of her million of followers on Twitter! : )

  12. Hmm... I don't think Mariah Carey uses Twitter to promote herself. She is already a celebrity.

  13. I don't think Mariah uses Twitter herself. I read that it's her staff that's doing the tweeting. But Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher do their own tweeting (on separate accounts) and Demi is really very down-to-earth. Nice.

  14. I guess it makes sense for him.

    I have still to find a useful use of Twitter though -- or maybe I'm getting old and out of touch!

  15. Happysurfer
    OIC... It's Mariah Carey's staff who do the tweeting for her.

    We are not creative enough, LOL...

  16. Well, whether it's Mariah or her staff, she's still using it to promote herself.

    It's actually a mix of her staff and her doing the tweeting.

    And she does need to promote herself cos she has lots of competition in this business and you can't count on your last album sales for the next album.

  17. Aiyah... I haven't use twitter le... I am so outdated! Save me!