Sunday, November 01, 2009

Malaysia’s Broadband War

Among Malaysian consumers, ADSL is the dominant technology used to access Internet. Streamyx is the leading ADSL service providers. In the past few years, however, wireless technology has emerged as the alternative means of Internet access. 3G and WiMAX providers are now challenging Streamyx.

P1, the leading WiMAX operator, recently launched an advertisement with the slogan ‘Potong Now’ (Cut Now). The ad tells us to cut the plain old telephony line (landline). Since most of us own mobile phones, landline is redundant, except in the case of prolonged power failure. And if we cut the landline, we essentially terminate the Streamyx service as well.

Here is the P1 ad. Click to enlarge…

Streamyx responded by launching its own marketing campaign. In its ad, a man is shown as having to surf the Net from a window. It implies that wireless technology is not good, and that we can’t use it indoor. (I doubt the claim, though.)

This is Streamyx’s ad. Click to enlarge…

P1’s ‘Cut Now’ slogan may backfire. In this Islamic state, the very word ‘cut’ has another meaning. It implies the circumcision ceremony performed on Muslim boys.

The broadband war has heated up in Malaysia. Competition is good for the consumers, isn’t it? (Well, except in the case of soccer TV broadcast.)


  1. heard that P1 is suck, but i also heard many people complaint abt Streamyx.

    so actually is good to have some other company come out, and do Streamyx will not monopoly the market. so that they will improve.

    and at the end, consumer is the one who get benefit on it~

  2. Yes, we need competition in order to improvement to come. So far streamyx has not been able to fulfill the minimum of my expectations. It is only fair to be given a freedom to choose. That is what democracy and free competition is all about, no monopoly.

  3. Competition is good. The more the merrier. ^_^

  4. Yeah! The more competition the better it is for us. LOL :D Hopefully the price will go down, down down! :D

  5. Competition is good. Makes those who monopolize and who have gotten sluggish sit up and work hard!

    Personally, I find the P1 ad distasteful. There has got to be more creative ways to advertise than uttering cliches.

  6. 唔中意P1嘅广告咯!割咗没??难听。

  7. Thanks everyone, for your comments.

    Mei Ting, christine
    Don't like P1's ad? Don't be dirty minded, haha...

  8. now i hear more and more complaints about P1. I guess i will stick to stimyx, tho it sucks, but it is still the best among the worsts. lol. i saw the p1 wimax ad on tv too, everyone said''potong jor?'sounds really eeky.

  9. People are complaining about P1 already, whereas people have long been complaining about Streamyx!

    At the moment, with no obvious better choice, I will not be "potong"-ing my Streamyx just yet : )

  10. xin, foongpc
    Looks like I am a lucky one. My experience with P1, while not satisfactory, is still better than my struggle with Streamyx.

  11. To a consumer reliability is what is all about. If it is really that reliable, people don't mind spending $ for it rather to get cheaper services that do not deliver.

  12. I think it depends on your location. There are some places with great Streamyx reception while other areas with none. The same for Wimax. We just need to select the one that works best for us.

  13. many ppl are regretting have cut, haha!! actually i'm quite satisfy with my uncut version woh~~ :p

  14. Leon
    It's a matter of supply & demand. Some people value reliability over price.

    Hopefully P1 can improve its network to challenge Streamyx.

    In any case, competition is good.

  15. Whatsoever, P1 has met their ultimate objective of a commercial:

    The gimmick has draw public attention.

    No matter "cut" or not, it's good to have another broadband service provider. More options always better than only one.

  16. “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Others Do Unto You.” I think this should be the rule in marketing.