Thursday, November 05, 2009

Two Commercial Ads

In my post, Malaysia’s Broadband War, I mentioned P1’s ‘Cut Now’ advertisement. P1 also has ‘Cut Now’ TV commercials. Unfortunately, the commercials were met with strong objections from certain groups, who thought they were derogatory to women. In this conservative Muslim-majority society, the word ‘cut’ has another meaning – removing skin from a man’s private part.

‘Cut Now’ commercial (Cantonese version) on Youtube…

The controversy caused by P1 reminds me of Japanese commercial for Wacoal Up-Up bra. In this commercial, a man drops his document when he sees a pretty lady at the elevator. The lady lowered her body to pick up the paper. It’s at this moment that the guy sees her breasts, enhanced by the Up-Up bra.

18SX! Up-Up bra on Youtube…

I gather that this kind of ads will never make it to Malaysian TV. But let’s assume for a moment that it does, what would happen?

Religious groups would condemn it as obscene and polluting the minds of youths.

Women’s groups would criticize it as a form of gender discrimination.

What do you think of the two commercials? Are they distasteful or creative? Are we too conservative?


  1. Personally, I think ads with too much emphasis on sex are distasteful. Come on, the world doesn't revolve around sex.

  2. I thing both of them are just ok. Nothing overdone. But it depends on the viewer themselves. If they can't accept jokes well..this will surely go down badly! :D

  3. Happysurfer
    Not sure if P1's ad revolves around sex...

    Not easy to satisfy everyone...

  4. Again it's all in the mind, to me this is just creativity and how the audience view it depend solely on their imagination....

  5. I find ads using sexual connotations to sell is distasteful and lacks creativity. Most people would agree good ads need more than these stuff!

  6. Thanks for all your comments.

  7. i think most of the people will feel they are creative and good! included me of course :p

    just some small group of kolot people will disagree...

  8. i think Thailand has a lot such creative ads, and most of the time very controversial and funny.. guess we won't have such style seen in our tv screens..

  9. kikey
    So some of the bloggers here are k**** too?

    Ha... I have seen billboard featuring lingerie ads in Bangkok. Yeah, you're right.

  10. The P1 quite original and funny. The impression is lasting. The second one a bit cheapo but the questions is do women like it?

  11. Leon
    Many Malaysian women dislike the P1 ad. Perhaps Singaporeans are more liberal.