Friday, March 23, 2007

Wat Phra Singh

According to Thailand Handbook by Carl Parkes (Moon Publications), Wat Phra Singh, or Monastery of the Lion Lord, is the most famous wat in Chiang Mai. The complex is composed of several buildings of varying architectures. It is located near the Suan Dok Gate of Chiang Mai.

Buddha image in the main hall…

Bot (front) and chedi

Monastic library and the ubiquitous tuk-tuk

Devotees offering candles and flowers…

P/S now let’s get back to Carl Parkes’ statement that Wat Phra Singh is the most famous wat in Chiang Mai. I suppose he means Chiang Mai proper. In greater Chiang Mai, the most famous wat is, without doubt, Wat Prathat Doi Suthep. I first went to this monastery back in Nov 2003. In my Jan 2007 trip, I had to give it a pass because of time constraint. I recommend Wat Prathat Doi Suthep to first-time Chiang Mai visitors.


  1. seem like u like Thailand very much oh.. =)

  2. Izzuo, I was going to mention the same thing when I saw your comment.

    KS, you must be very familiar with Thailand. Do you visit a few times a year?

    Thanks for sharing. Good info.

  3. izzuo/happy,
    All the Thailand's photos shown here were taken during a trip that lasted 8 days. I just do not want to post all of them in one go.

    My ex-colleague also thought I was jet-setting. Haha...

    Anyway, Thailand is a great place for budget travelers like me. The kingdom is near here, and can be reached by flights of no-frills airline. Accommodation can be as cheap as 200 baht per night. Places of interest are not too far from one another, so I didn't spend much on transport.

    I also like Japan, the Silk Road and African Safari, but haven't got enough time and money to go there.

  4. Why do they call it Singh when there is no mangkali?

  5. cocka,
    You've got them wrong. Mangkali (Benggali) originated from Bangladesh while Singhs (Sikhs) originated from Punjab. They are different people.

    Singh is Thai word for Singa. You know what Singapura means?