Tuesday, November 10, 2009

KLCC in the Evening

KLCC, the premier shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur, and Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest building in the country, are two popular subjects of photographers. Every time I go to there, I see many shutterbugs.

Recently, I learned of a technique, from book, for taking ‘night view’ photos, and decided to put it into practice. Hence, I headed to KLCC. Here are a few of my photos…

At 6.50pm…

At 7.00pm…

At 7.06pm…

Strictly speaking, I am not very satisfied with these images. I had not brought along my tripod, and was handicapped by that. Perhaps I will have another try in the near future.

Photography Tips:

‘Night view’ photos are best taken when the sky is still bluish, preferably with twilight. Do not wait until it is completely dark. Timing is critical.

It is advisable to stabilize the camera using a tripod.


  1. Still these are great shots compared to my. :)

  2. That few minutes after the sun sets also known as the blue hour gives a nice blue tone to images. I believe a tripod is a must for night photography.

  3. u should take it from da same angle but at diff timing, must be spectacular one!

  4. tekkaus

    Mei Ting
    I shot at wide-angle, and was hoping that I could do without tripod.

    I couldn't find the best angle, so I kept experimenting.

  5. I thought sunset time is the best....is it not?

  6. Dude, i got one that i took from the SkyBar... Let me show you ...

    URL: http://tz-life.blogspot.com/2008/03/wondered-where-i-go-for-cocktail.html


  7. Grass
    I think sunset is best for landscape photos, while twilight is best for cityscape.

    Not bad.

  8. The images are spectacular. I am hopeless at night photography. Thank you for the tips. I hope you will enter for the Blot4ft contest too since this is about KL.You have a good post here.

  9. go again at nite with yr tripod! :D show us some photttossss

  10. I like the colours of the third picture. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more.

    Yes, KLCC is a great place for photography.

  11. Autumn Belle
    This post is actually more about photography, less about FT, LOL...

    xin, happysurfer
    A bit lazy now :P

  12. u are really good with photography..

  13. The result is pretty good!

    I agree with both of your tips. Twilight is definitely the best time, the light (or lack of) is amazing and it produces awesome midnight-color skies.

    As for the tripod... I didn't take mine to shoot the sunset on the hill, but I regretted it!

  14. wenn
    Just so so...

    If you camera/lens has IS/VR/SSS/SR, you may be able to do without tripod.

  15. I like the last photo at 7.06pm but the building at the ground floor would look better with more light/longer shutter time?

  16. witch
    You have sharp eyes!
    But I couldn't set longer shutter speed because I didn't have a tripod.

  17. Next time bring your tripod and shoot again. I always like the view of the Twin Towers in the evening!