Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A Fad in Malaysia

Among Malaysian youths, I observe a trend – or maybe just a fad – in which they often write a word in mixed upper and lower cases. Here is a snapshot from Facebook:

As you can see, this Facebook member writes ‘reading’ as ‘ReAdInG’, and ‘online’ as ‘OnLiNE’.

Another example:

Whilte it ain’t wrong to write/type in this way, the fad suggests that many Malaysian youths are merely trend followers. I would like to see more young folks who can think for themselves, and be themselves.


  1. But why they want to do that? Such a hassle to type in upper and lower cases! And I don't like to read words like that!

  2. i will do that in msn chatting, to avoid the animation icon.

    for example, I have "ok" animation icon, but when i type "look", I don't like it be lo+ok (in animation), so i will put loOk.

  3. oh... tat's how i set my msn msg :p

  4. This trend is old. I seen such trend more than 5 years ago but less common now in sg.

  5. That's a case of peer pressure and jumping on the bandwagon. It's not just typing of words. But applies generally to life...where people just like to do what everyone else is doing. Hopefully, people have the sense to differentiate what is right and what is wrong.

  6. foongpc
    Why do there type in upper and lower cases? This is called 'trend'!

    Ah... that's a special reason I never thought of.

    Ha... that proves that you are young.

    Perhaps Malaysian kids are imitating their Singaporean counterparts.

    Mei Ting
    I doubt there is peer pressure. But jumping on the bandwagon is true.

  7. 不稀奇,很多人都这样写,据说是潮流。^_^

  8. It slows down reading for sure unless your mind is skewed to this type of print all the time. I wonder if they write like that in exams. Btw, did you know that certain font types speed up reading and certain font types slow it down?

  9. i hate it when people type in the stupid trend. its an eyesore

  10. Is this what the new generation call creative thinking?

  11. no creative thinking...mean is old...according to youngest ppl say...

  12. 花木兰

    Personally, I find Italic difficult to read.

    Get used to it. It's a trend.

    Autumn Belle
    The first one who did so was creative. Those who followed were not.

    Youngest people say. Do you mean you?

  13. Yeah, it is a way they wanna "Stand out" from the others. :p It is like a fashion statement for words.

  14. I truly don't understand these trends and find them super annoying. It's like the people who cap all the letter, or don't use any punctuation whatsoever.

    The worse part is, they crave attention - er... how about making whatever you are writing easy to read?!

  15. tekkaus
    When everybody write in this way, it no longer stands out.

    Capping all the letters is at least easier to type.

  16. I think it's only a trend for the 'younger' generation perhaps... People who are matured enough won't bother typing this way... So I guess in a way, we can actually tell a person's maturity and character from the way they type! Incredible.

  17. This trend is so rubbish.
    I hate to see young people treat this as "fashion".

    Maybe they just want to make their text look "unique". But uniquness, itself, is how you can think for yourself that makes you stand out of the crowd.

    Sad... Really sad for them.

  18. doesn't matter as long as i understand what they write..

  19. witch
    You sound like you're very old :')

    Yes, they want their text look unique. But when everyone types in this way, it is no longer unique.

    I also understand what they write, but they must be slow in typing...

  20. I don't follow trends. I start them. =p (kidding)

    Micture of small and capital letters make it pretty annoying for me to read.

  21. not only it's difficult to read, it's also difficult to type when i'm replying comments in my blog...

    ps: your comment replied! thanks for visiting :)

  22. shingo
    Ha... you're a trend-setter *thumbs up*

    Just type all letters in lower case.