Monday, January 18, 2010

Singapore’s Cosplay Café

One of Japan’s pop cultures which has gained popularity throughout Asia is cosplay – short for costume play. Cosplay fans dress themselves like characters in manga, anime and computer games.

An offshoot of cosplay is cosplay cafés, in which waitresses often dress in French maid outfits. When patrons enter a ‘maid café’, the waitresses would greet them with “Okaerinasaimase goshujinsama”, which means “Welcome home, master!”

Singapore’s A87 Café & Bar is one cosplay restaurant which draws ideas from Japan. Its waitresses dress in angel outfits rather than French maid outfits. The most interesting thing about this café is – for $1 per bite – you can be hand-fed by the waitresses!

Photo by The Straits Time

I have learned that Starbucks doesn’t just sell coffee, or even service. Rather, it sells experience. A87 is another example of experience business.

I know, some of you would see this as gender-discrimination. I personally would feel uneasy being hand-fed…

Guys, do you like to be hand-fed by teenage angels?

Link: Akibanana


  1. Aiyo, I can eat on my own, thank you! $1 per bite too pricey lah, haha!

  2. they should hire some handsome guys too :P i am sure there are also plenty of sugar mummies out there

  3. happysurfer
    Haha... I expected negative response from you already.

    If you're filthy rich, would you pay for hand feeding?

    Why don't you open a restaurant with handsome waiters? You know a lot of restaurant operators, right? If you need ideas, do contact me :P

  4. I think most would rather be hand-fed by their loved ones (significant other) than these girlies.

  5. too pricey, but will be fun to try once if is waiters not waitresses :p

  6. Yucks! Bluek! The sight of them make me sick. :p I can eat on my own ok!

  7. I really uncomfortable this type of service-hand fed....

  8. 我这里也能看到,大部分是巫族少年装扮的。蛮不错的。。

  9. oh dear... for S$1 per bite, she will feed u the prawn together with the skin!! XD

  10. Mei Ting
    Not every guy has a significant other la...

    Haha... I can see a business opportunity here...

    You can drive, but do you want a driver?

    If guy feeds you, do you feel uncomfy?


    I am the master. I can instruct her to peel off the skin!

  11. At $1 a bite, you'd better take big bite!

    As a female, I find it weird :-)

  12. KS, that bad, huh? But then again, that sigh could have been one of bliss and contentment, as in being blissful and enjoying being fed bite-by-bite (at a dollar!) by maybe a Keanu Reeves-lookalike or some other in a loincloth. LOL!

    But you're right, I think it's a true business gimmick taking advantage of either the

    1. FILTY rich (whose money could have been better put to use for perhaps feeding Haitians (right now) or some others who desperately need food, clothing or shelter);


    2. MCPs who have the (cultivated) instinct that females are subservient beings and should be put to labor and unsavoury roles. Arghhh!!!!!!!! Can't stand sexism!!

    Oh well, life is like that - full of exploitation in the name of survival. Evolution in the works..

    Just for laughs:

    Word verification: clistr = man with blisters on hand who can't feed himself.

  13. Haha..true. Then that bloke must be super desperado la! ;)

  14. I don't think this business can last long tho.

  15. Zhu
    I forgot to add that actually hand feeding is optional. We can still can eat on our own in the cafe, minus the $1 per-bite fee.

    I think cosplay cafes are targeted at otaku - guys who are awkward with women, not MCP.

    Mei Ting
    Well, maybe...

    We'll see. Maybe you can give us update :P

  16. I'd rather eat on my own than be hand-fed by anyone. Makes me feel like a handicap. But then again, in some cultures, esp. in the East, men feel like a king if they are hand fed by ladies. This reminds me of the popular Korean drama, Dae Jang Geum or Jewel in the Palace where the King were hand-fed by palace maids.

  17. If I'm filthy rich, I won't just pay for hand feeding. Hahaha!

  18. we have it here too in a hawker center.. the foreign workers will wear name tags, not their own name, but names of celebrity.. perhaps this was the pioneer of cosplay concept?? haha~~

  19. $1 for a feed? Expensivo! If ever I'll go for it, I want a guy to feed me. :)) Kidding aside, I've been planning to visit a cosplay cafe just to take pictures.

  20. This is something new... so creative of them. The angels must be really cute and beautiful.