Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Symphony of Lights – in Malaysia!

People who have visited Hong Kong must be familiar with the show known as Symphony of Lights. The show is played at Victoria Habour at 8 o’clock every evening.

In conjunction with Lunar New Year 2012, Thien Hou Temple in Kuala Lumpur had staged a similar show. Though on a much smaller scale, the show was no less interesting…

The temple…

Playing with zoom…

Here you go, the show of lights…

As in the past years, Thien Hou Temple was decorated with large number of lanterns…

One thing I like about Thien Hou Temple is that devotees are told to burn just 4 joss sticks – one for the Deity of Haven, and one for each of the three in-house deities. Traditionally, Chinese burn 3 joss sticks for every deity. By burning fewer joss sticks, Thien Hou Temple is considerably less smoky. This is good for the health of the people and the environment…


  1. have not been to this temple for ages.. and no wonder i thought i saw some spot lights running across the sky..

  2. i think it's beautifully lit deco is nice enough, with or without the "symphony of lights" performance.. and the red lanterns surely is a good catch for me..

  3. true, less joss stick is better.. we just need something to symbolize and everything turns to get simplified nowadays.. healthier and more environmental friendly..

  4. I should visit this place if I am in KL.

  5. I remember that temple! It looks really cool with all the lights. It is going to stay like that or is it just around Chinese New Year?

  6. Huh? Got Symphony Of Lights at Thean Hou Temple?

  7. I like the Symphony Of Lights in Hong Kong! : )

  8. I have yet to go to Thean Hou Temple at night!

  9. And you were there to catch the Symphony of Lights show? How nice!

  10. joss sticks are actually not necessary. just put the palms together and pray. that's the best way.

    you just gave me an idea to play with zoom while shooting at night! cool pic!

  11. I only got to know about this Symphony of lights through drama. :p

  12. Hello KS, how are you? Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Much appreciated.

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  14. that's truly beautiful :)

    Latest: Nyonya for Mama

  15. Beautiful pictures, KS! Beyond the beauty, though, I find the subject rather painful when I think of what we humans do to the earth with our wonderful inventions. Thanks for the post.

  16. Hello KS! I certainly agree with what you said about the Malaysia Pad.

    How are you? Please continue blogging.

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