Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My upcoming trip to Vietnam

I will go for vacation in Ho Chi Minh City aka Saigon later this year.

The reason I choose HCMC over other destinations is that Vietnam Airlines offers ‘Super Saver’ fare. My round trip airfare, inclusive of airport taxes, is RM335. Had I gone with Air Asia, the airfare, including airport taxes, but excluding travel insurance, would set me back at least RM588.

So much of a budget airline!

Of course, if I booked my flights 6 months in advance, AA’s fare could still cost less. In addition to this, it has other advantages over VA: AA’s online booking system is more user-friendly. It has four daily flights from KUL to SGN; VA has only two. Do note, however, that AA’s flights at ‘more convenient times’ tend to be more expensive.

I will tell you more about Vietnam Airlines after returning from my trip.


  1. Enjoy your holiday!

    True about other airlines providing better fares sometimes esp local airlines. The key is to shop around.

  2. I agree with you. It's from experience that made me wiser too. My recent trip to Shanghai prompted me to book MAS due to AA's bad timing to land in Pudong at midnight and depart at 8am. .. Kanasai... I would have to waste 2 days hotel plus waking up at 4am to get ready to depart. . No thanks to AA saving less than RM150. I loved the MAS for plenty of drinks and meal plus arriving earlier and departing late in the evening. I think AA gets cheaper rates from airports for landing and taking off at non peak hours.

  3. Vietnam Airlines Looking Good! Agree with TM sometimes its pound foolish penny wise scenario when the other extras would eventually cost much more. Got a friend who is supposed to fly Pen/KUL/SYD and just becoz AA delay their flight PEN/KUL have to fly MAS. MH lands in KLIA then he gotta rush like mad to LCCT and almost missed his AA flight. Ended up paying more, plus more stressed out have to make a 100m run from airport to airport catching taxi etc. Waiting to hear from you on more of VA.

  4. 嘩, 好耐唔見!!
    見親你就話去旅行, 羨慕~~ :p

  5. that's great! Have a fun holiday!

  6. Oh going HCM? I just went to Hanoi in March! And have yet to blog about it! Wow! The return airfare with Vietnam Airlines really cheap!! What a good buy! : )