Thursday, December 12, 2013

Vietnam Airlines

I am back from my vacation in Vietnam! And, as promised, I will tell you more about Vietnam Airlines…

One thing which bugs me, and many other passengers, is that Vietnam Airlines like to re-schedule its flights. To its credit, VA does inform the passengers through email a few weeks in advance. In my case, the KUL to SGN flight was re-scheduled from 2:00pm to 12:30pm. This was actually a boon for me as I had more time on Vietnam soil. But be careful if you have connecting flight. A change in flight schedule could potentially turn your plan upside down.

Having flown mostly with budget airlines in the last few years, the first thing I noticed, in fact expected, upon entering the cabin was the much larger legroom. I no longer had to press my knees on the seat in front of me, LOL…

During take-off and landing, the cabin crew sat near the emergency exits. In doing so, Vietnam Airlines sacrificed two seats which would otherwise be sold to the passengers. I am sure the kiamsiap (stingy) Tony Fernandes would never do this.

The food served during the flights was just normal, certainly no match to the food I tasted in Saigon. But at least it was complementary.

As a conclusion, Vietnam Airlines is far from perfect. (I have already mentioned, in my previous post, that its online booking mechanism is not user-friendly.) But if the price is right, I would certainly recommend it.

Flying over Mekong Delta


  1. Hey, welcome back! Trust you enjoyed your holiday.

    Wrt travelling and everything else, you win some, you lose some, I guess. Thanks for sharing the insights about VA. Looking forward to your following post - you will tell us about your trip there, won't you? :)

    Nice image of the Mekong.

  2. welcome back, so you've been to Saigon huh?? have not been there, i've only been to HCMC for a very short 3-day business trip, which i didn't have time to hang around the place also other than office and hotel, haha!! :D

    have not taken Vietnam Airlines also, so really no comment on things you mentioned.. :)

  3. long as the price is right. Can still give and take right? :D

  4. I am a 6 footer gorilla and always have this leg room problems. All my AA flights have to cost me more to get the Hot Seats otherwise I would freak out if flights are over 2 hours.

    Are their Stewardess all pretty like Thai Airways?