Monday, June 22, 2009

China – no more Cheap Travel?

(source: BusinessWeek)

Chinese Malaysians like to spend their holidays in China. This is partly due to the fact that the Middle Kingdom is the land of their ancestors, and partly because it is a cheaper country to travel as compared to Europe, America, Japan and Korea.

Cost of living in China is rising fast, though. In the study of World’s Most Expensive Cities by ECA International, Beijing ranks 26 in 2009, up from 104 in 2008. Shanghai ranks 26 in 2009, up from 111 in 2008. For more details, read here and here.

Also, bear in mind that China is a vast country. If you plan to travel from one city to another within the nation, transportation fee can be substantial.

It looks like the days of cheap travel in China is coming to an end. If you still plan to visit the country, the time is NOW!


  1. but now no moolah niao T-T

  2. I have yet to visit China and already costs are rising.

  3. Soundss like we have to visit there asap of not the cost will escalate to mountain-high price o. =/

  4. 现在出国旅行很不妥。。那么多传染病。。

  5. So many places to go, so little time (and cash), isn't it?

  6. annant
    Sorry I don't get you...

    Mei Ting
    Maybe you should plan for your China trip now.

    Yes, I am afraid the cost will rise again.


    You're right. No time, no money :(

  7. hmm.. i wanna go china!! but not now, wanna finish Europe 1st.. by the time i can go China will be cost fortune liao... :(

  8. I love China's scenery. One day will bring my family there.

  9. A friend from China told me to visit before the Olympic Games. During and after the Games, everything would go up, he said. Too bad didn't take his advice!

    But yes, the time to visit is now! So I'm visiting China in August. Question is, will this H1N1 stop me?

  10. kikey
    I guess China is still going to be cheaper than UK. So if you can travel around Europe, you should be fine.

    I also like China's scenery, but as Shingo said in his comment above:
    So many places to go, so little time (and cash)

    You need to take precaution against the flu.

  11. China is till cheap by European and North America standards. That says, the country started to cater to richer travelers and nice hotels are now very common. I remember, when I first traveled there 10 years ago, Westerners were mostly going for business, now you can see palace and spa experience in posh places!

  12. Zhu
    From what I know, cheap hotels in China may not open to foreigners. That's the problem...

  13. i think now is not the right time to visit whats with all the H1n1 thingy around :(

  14. kyh
    No time, no money :'(

    H1N1 is going to be around for many years. Just get used to the life with surgical mask.

  15. Holiday in Malaysia cheapest whahaha... but no matter how expensive travel gets in China, it will still be cheaper than Europe. :)

  16. I used to hear of toilet stories - of how dirty they were and that ladies would best be bringing an umbrella. I suppose in developed parts, this no longer hold true.

    I believe going to China will still be cheaper than visiting western countries because of our favourable currency exchange rate. Thanks for the heads-up though.

  17. Well it's still cheaper than travelling to either Korea or Japan.

  18. neo
    But China is more expensive than South-east Asia already.

    Oh yes, I have experience with China's toilet too.

    China is definitely still cheaper than Korea and Japan, but no longer the bargain it used to be.

  19. traveling to china is a bit like in malaysia - prices are about the same now. i think in time to come, a lot of parts will be even costlier..

    i hope to travel more of china - there's so much to see. im lucky to have seen a fair bit of their cities already which just seems to be more & more expensive. but then again, i think ill still go back to their cities as it just keeps changing & is oh so vibrant! :)