Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chinese Maids, anyone?

Following the news of several high profile cases in which Indonesian maids were abused by their Malaysian employers, Jakarta threatens to prohibit its women from working as domestic servants in this country. Since then, there have been proposals by Malaysian officers to import maids from China as replacement.

Maids from China? Are you kidding!?? How can the women from the world’s new super power work as domestic servants in a third world country? This is utterly ridiculous!

Imagine what will happen if Chinese maids are abused in Malaysia:

The angry Chinese netizens would call for boycott of the department stores run by Malaysia-based Parkson Group, just as they did against French Carrefour last year. Chinese tourists would stop coming to this country. Our economy would suffer

Seriously, I am not in favor of the plan to hire Chinese maids. We must be careful to avoid angering the Dragon.

P/S I prefer Japanese maids How about you?

A waitress in Japan’s “maid café”



  1. haha..

    u like Japanese mei mei :P

  2. Haha..Japanese maids. Then the samurais will come after you with drawn swords!

    It's the attitude of the employers that needs to be changed.

  3. french maids also not bad :D

  4. No thanks. I can do all the chores by myself. :D haha. Yay! If we were to abuse the Chinese maids we will be in deep soup. I wonder if the proposals will go through.

  5. This is a sentitive issue to all married women in Malaysia.

  6. kikey
    * paiseh *

    Mei Ting
    The samurai will only come after the abusive employer, not the whole nation.

    Agree that employers need to change their mindset.

    The Japanese maid shown actually wears a French outfit.

    What if you have kids? Do you need a maid then?

    I'm a man but I don't support the idea too.

  7. i bet everyone will fight to hire a jap maid. lol.

  8. I don't want to be a French maid there! :D

    More seriously, to go work as a maid in a foreign country, you must make more than you would at home, otherwise there is no point. Would Chinese maid make more in Malaysia??

  9. it doesnt matter if the maids are from indonesia, the philippines or china (or ehem, japan). we have to take care of them like us.

    we wont like if we malaysians are ill treated in overseas too.

    so far, ive been seeing lots of anger coming from our neighbouring country indonesia, because of what these people have done. its a shame.

  10. Japanese maid? Stop dreaming! haha!

    If hire Chinese maids, maybe it's not the chinese maids get abused but the employer's wife! Haha!

    Anyway, I don't hire maids. Cannot afford! I do all house chores myself : (

  11. korean mei mei oso nice!!hehe...

  12. Lalala, why abuse maids in the first place? Then don't need to headache loh. :P

  13. jappie maids? haha... i wonder if there are jap women who work as maids since they r already so affluent and highly educated.

    for me, i love sexy french maids. :P

  14. xin

    I suppose the would-be maids come from the poorest regions of China. Anyway they still cost more than their Indonesian counterparts.

    The problem is: Malaysian employers treat their maids as properties.

    No this is not dreaming. You'll be served by Japanese 'maids' when you step into a 'maid cafe' in Japan.

    No way! Koreans are angry people too.

    Yeah, you're right...

    Japanese girls do work as 'maids' in Akihabara's 'maid cafes'.

  15. erm... dun think the Japanese maid is affordable le...
    btw the maid costume is more like French ~ ^_^

  16. Yes, I want a Japanese maid! Only if we could hire a Japanese maid at the cost of hiring an Indonesia maid...

  17. 迷迭香
    Yes, the costume is French, but the maid, or waitress, is a Japanese.

    Go to the maid cafes in Akihabara, Tokyo.

  18. Yum yum. =X

    Its time to get a girlfriend, not a maid, Kheng Siong! ^_^

  19. haha....agreed with 迷迭香。日本人很少当女佣的呢。马来西亚请不起,请不起。