Monday, June 15, 2009

Is Facebook Cheating Us?

I am both a Yahoo Mail and Gmail user. I signed up Facebook with my Gmail. Recently, Facebook sent an e-mail to my Yahoo account, with the following message:

Now, both See Ng and Khor Yee Joo are already my friends in Facebook. They would not have sent me invitation again. In fact, Khor was the one who got me into facebooking. (Stuart Khoo, by the way, was my MBA lecturer.)

How could this happen? Was Facebook trying to trick me into joining, not knowing that I was already a member?


  1. I get these messages once in a while, even though I'm locked out of my profile for some reason.

    Not that I care. I hate Facebook and never check it out.

  2. I do not feel so comfortable about the facebook at least for now. Since registering have never use it till now.

  3. Facebook was fun for a while. But its a HUGE intrusion of privacy, theres plenty you can learn about your friends thru the site (including things that you should not know abt the person).

  4. hmmm i wonder is it your friends sending invitation to another email?

    anyway, don't accept anything from email, just directly goes to the FB itself

  5. I don't use Facebook. Don't see the need for it at this moment : )

  6. Wow, Facebook so smart le, how did it get your yahoo email?

  7. Zhu
    This is the first time I receive such message. In future I think I'll just ignore them.

    I also don't login very often.

    Agree FB is a great intrusion of privacy.

    As I mentioned, Khor and Ng were already my friend in FB.

    Haha... you are a rare breed...

    There is a feature in FB whereby you can search friends from your e-mail contact list. But it looks like FB remember the e-mail addresses for other purposes.

  8. I think it's because your Yahoo address exists in your friends email contacts so when they Invite via Email (or something like that, when FB "imports" their contact list from any of their chosen email accounts), FB sends an invitation to your Yahoo account.

    Something like that, I suppose.

  9. hmm i got this message before too. but its the msn account

  10. yup.. facebook is getting hot and hot..

    i heard that photos download to fb can't delete anymore.. cos it become fb property..

  11. day-dreamer
    I doubt so. As mentioned, 2 of them are already my FB friends.

    MSN or Yahoo or Gmail - it's the same.

    I also heard of the photo copyright rules, but I think FB backtracked on it.

  12. Facebook is a risk to your network of friends. Be very caution about it.