Saturday, November 04, 2006

What we can learn from Google

What are the success formulae of Google?

Here are a few policies and facts of Google which I copied from the company's website. Hopefully these could shed light on their secrets.

  • Google's hiring policy is aggressively non-discriminatory and favors ability over experience.

  • Googlers have been Olympic athletes and Jeopardy champions; professional chef and independent film makers.

  • The chief operations engineer is also a licensed neurosurgeon.

  • Any Googler might have our next great idea, so we make sure every idea is heard.

  • Googler engineers all have “20 percent time” in which they're free to pursue projects they're passionate about. This freedom has already produced Google News, Google Suggest, AdSense for Content, and Orkut – products which might otherwise have taken an entire start-up to launch.


  1. nice blog, by the way, how come ur blog dont have a chat box beside for ppl to chat?

  2. Booffett,
    I thought enabling comment is enough. Well, I will consider having a chat box.