Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Future CEOs and Entrepreneurs

My MBA classmates presenting their brilliant ideas...

Calmed and steady...

Full of actions, and enthusiasm...

Speaking from her heart...

Well-groomed, and good-mannered...


These two budding entrepreneurs are discussing their business plan, and hairdos...


  1. my friend, where's your pic? :P

  2. cocka,
    Scenario planning? Unfortunately, we are not up to that level yet.
    How if you offer to teach in my class? Hehe, you'll then become Dr Cocka...

    I was the cameraman, so I was not in the picture.

  3. If you are doing your MBA, I'd suggest that you choose you that offers scenario planning. Its a very useful tool used by big corporation such as Shell that simulate a few scenarios on where the business could be heading in regard to the environment it operates in.
    Having identified the scenarios, they are 'wind-tunnel' tested to check its plausibility, and subsequently appropriate action plans drawn up to address them just in case such scenarios do occur.

  4. Best wishes on your MBA. How long more to go? Great way of documenting the lessons and stuff.

  5. Cocka,
    Thanks for your advice, but I worry it is too late to change now.

    I am a part-time student. It's a long way to go.