Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Candlewood Suites

When I worked in California a couple of years ago, I stayed in a hotel called Candlewood Suites in Garden Grove.

My room was pretty well equipped. There were TV, CD player, kitchen, microwave oven, coffee maker, refrigerator, dish washer, iron and ironing board. I could use the washing machines (outside the room) for free, though I needed to buy detergent. A gym was located on first floor. The rate? Less than $40 for anyone who stayed longer than a month. (It should be higher now.) That was cheaper than most motels.

How could Candlewood Suites offer so much at such a low price? In most hotels and motels, housekeepers tidy up our room everyday. In Candlewood Suites, they came once a week. That was hardly a problem for me, as I was used to making the bed myself. If I wanted extra soaps or towels, I could get them from the front desk. If a guest checked in late, he or she could collect the key from a safe deposit box. By reducing the number of employees, the hotel was able to keep the operating cost low, and the saving was passed on to the guests.

The catch was, of course, one had to stay for at least a month. If you are merely visiting Disneyland in Anaheim – just next to Garden Grove – motels are the better choice.

Wages are high in the United States. Anything self-service is cheap.


  1. even though i wont be travelling to US in the near future, tks so much for sharing ~ ^_^

  2. Hi 迷迭香
    Who knows maybe you will open a hotel which runs on similar concept :P

  3. The hotel runs on a similar concepts as TuneHotel.

  4. jam
    No, Candlewood Suites and Tune Hotel are different. Tune Hotel runs on 'no frills' concept. Candlewood runs on 'self-service' concept, and it is definitely not 'no frills'.