Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why drive a Truck

A professor in my university drives a pickup truck. So was my former co-worker – a lady programmer.

I see lots of pickup trucks on the road, most of them are not loaded. Which makes me wonder: why would one buy, and drive, a truck if he or she is not going to utilize the storage space fully?

Maybe they think trucks are safer. (But they endanger other road users.)

Maybe they ‘need’ one to transport furniture from Ikea once or twice a year.

Maybe they need one to tow a boat.

Or maybe, as someone put it, they simply want to “express their aggression”.

Can someone please enlighten me?

P/S I am also thinking if truck rental service is a viable business. If you only need a truck a few times a year, rent one instead of owning one. On regular days, drive a fuel-efficient car.


  1. hmm... nvr tot abt that....
    but i know some contractors drive a truck like this...
    but ppl in other professions... worth thinking abt that, why ah...

  2. Maybe their family needs it?

  3. Maybe can throw a party on the truck?

  4. i think they are the one that wasted the earth resources... :-(

  5. yeah some people like to buy track for picnic?

  6. 迷迭香
    I certainly don't understand why my ex-colleague - a feminine lady programmer - would drive a truck.

    That's possible. But if they have additional cars - can leave the trucks at home la. Trucks are gas-guzzlers.

    A beer drinking party huh? That would endanger the other road users.

    That's the message I want to convey.

    Picnic? Hmm... that is also possible.

  7. Truck uses more fuel and if one not really needs it to carry something, I think a normal saloon car is good already. By saving fuel, we can also contribute to decrease the global warming.

  8. erm... to stock up rain water ? >.<"

  9. jam
    'Aggressive' truck lovers certainly don't think normal saloon car is good enough. I guess it will take higher gasoline price to force them to park their trucks at home.

    That's another reason NOT to drive a pick-up truck :-)

  10. well, at least the rain water can be put to good use.... ^_^

  11. hshahahahhah at the first maybe. seriously..i duno y they buy it too..and then u see them sweating when they have to park their vehicle!

    i guess they think it's yao yeng gua!

  12. huei
    "u see them sweating when they have to park their vehicle!"

    One more reason not to drive truck, huh?

  13. If ever you plan to opt for a pickup truck rental service, you should always keep in mind to read the fine print through and through.