Sunday, November 09, 2008

Nando’s Chicken

I couldn’t remember when I last visited Nando’s Chicken. I was unhappy with its diluted soda. Recently, I decided to give it another try.

Ages ago, I ordered the food at the counter. This time, however, I was told to be seated, and a waitress took my order. After a while I was served a glass of coke. The food was only delivered after 15 minutes. Since I ordered Mediterranean Rice, I wished that they would supply me with a spoon (but they didn’t).

The chicken was quite tasty. Unfortunately, the soda was as diluted as ever, and it cost RM5.90 (~ US$1.60) On top of that, service charge set me back another 10% of the price.

I think it will be another two of three years before I will dine in Nando’s again…

(Picture taken with Sony Ericsson K850i)


Nando’s should consider transforming its operation into the self-service type, and do away with the service charge. The outlet I visited was located in a commercial cum industrial area, and opposite my university. On weekdays, workers and students just want to have a quick lunch there. Service is not in their mind. Furthermore, I suspect many Malaysians see it as a competitor to KFC, rather than Delifrance.

Or, if that is not possible, then perhaps diners order and pay at the counter, and take away their drinks. Waiters/waitresses deliver the food later. In this case, lower the service charge to 5%.

And, of course, don't serve diluted soda.


  1. Dude, what would u say if Nondo's is your only fast food choice in town? No KFC, McD, BK...etc :-p

  2. I wonder why isn't there a KFC/McD in Jaya One...

    I never tried the soft drinks in Nando's before but the iced lemon tea was okay. Maybe it's diluted because it's bottomless? LOL~

    And yeah, I wonder why they don't provide us with spoons to eat the rice...

  3. I find their peri2 sauce not so great. Some sauces sold in the supermarkets are way tastier.

  4. I don't mind paying service charge. They go into the employees pay. No?

  5. tz
    Do you mean, Nando is the only fast food choice in Uganda?

    But waiting 15 minutes for a meal is not really fast.

    Bottomless or not, I only drink one glass.

    I do find the sauce OK...

    It looks like we are very difficult. I belong to the DIY type, while you like to be served.

    Service charge is not tips. I am not sure if it really goes to the employees.

  6. nandos was my all time fav, and still is now. but i find it becoming so expensive these days!!!

  7. i love nando's chicken though :D try to ask de soda without ice.. or ask for other drinks instead..

  8. $1.60 for a drink... ouch!

    We have Nando here and I used to like it when he first settled in Ottawa. But I noticed that the food is quite unhealthy, it's just fast food, just a nicer package... and overpriced too.

  9. y u didnt catch the soda picture... =P...then next time remind us when go to nando dun order drinks...=P

    but the drink cost US1.60 is quite expensive~ & pluz more 10% goverment tax...yikes......

  10. xin
    I remember it used to be self-service. But now it offers unnecessary service and we pay the 10% service charge.

    Yes, I will order other drinks... maybe 3 years later.

    I also feel that it is fast food, so it should be a self-service business.

    I did take a picture of the drinks with my Sony Ericsson, but it doesn't turn out well.

  11. I like the Nando's chicken and the peri peri sauce. That's about it! Have never ordered soda there before so didn't know it's diluted. I think price too expensive, prefer to dine in Kenny Rogers instead : )

  12. yeah, I like their chicken! but I've never tried the soda yet :-D

  13. foongpc
    You ordered take-away?

    Lucky that you didn't try their soda...

  14. No, I usually eat there. But I seldom eat there nowadays, a little too expensive for me : )

  15. Bottomless ah? Wah good, can drink 5 glasses to get my money worth, and since it's diluted so less chances of diabetes. Wakaka...

  16. foongpc
    I see...

    If you drink 5 glasses of diluted soda, you can't eat the chicken anymore, hahaha...

  17. wow didnt know bout the diluted drink...! maybe it's an outlet thing? i think you should feedback to the management on this - for them to improve :)

  18. quachee
    A few years ago I dine in another outlet. The drinks was diluted too.