Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Southern Vietnam – Mekong Delta

The Mekong River originates in China (Tibet), where it is known Lancang River (澜沧江). It flows through Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. In Southern Vietnam the mighty river flows into South China Sea.

A visit to southern Vietnam is incomplete without a tour to the Mekong Delta. Many tour agencies in Saigon arrange for tours to the delta. A typical tour lasts for one, two or three days. I joined a two-day tour. Here we go, let’s see what is interesting there…

Coconut trees are abundant in Mekong Delta. This is a factory producing coconut candy…

What is this lady making? The tools she uses resemble those for making kuih kapit in Malaysia, but much larger…

Can Tho is the largest city in Mekong Delta. This is its river front. Note the conical hat worn by the women on the left…

This is Can Tho’s floating market (but I think I still prefer the one in Damnoen Saduak, Thailand)…

Vietnamese students in their traditional costumes – ao dai. There are NO fat women in Vietnam!

I haven’t been to Northern Vietnam, but it is said that Southern Vietnam is more prosperous. There are a few reasons which explain this:

Firstly, infrastructure in the North was destroyed by the Americans during the war. Secondly, the North had been ruled by the Communists since 1950s, but the South was a capitalist country until 1975. When the Vietnamese government engaged in economic reform in 1980s, Southerners adapted to market economy better than their counterparts in the North. And finally, former boat people, now residing in Western countries, return and invest in Southern Vietnam.


  1. All white, must be hard to keep the clothes clean!

  2. no fat women? wow, i wanna move there, maybe we get more fit then :p

    is it maybe have no fast foods? do they?

  3. simply liking the white outfits of the ladies.

    From me to you, suejean =)

  4. There are large influx of Vietnamese workers, both males & females into Malaysia now...

  5. Neo
    Students in Malaysia also wear white.

    You're thin enough.
    Maybe this is because of food.

    OK, will go to your site.

    I do know a lot of female Vietnamese work in factories. Not sure about males.

  6. Coconut candy? Must be yummy huh! Yum! Yum! does look like our "love letter"! But theirs are of course bigger. :)

  7. Wow, you seem to go to Vietnam pretty often eh? I wanna go in February... any idea what's the weather during that time? :) And according to you, it's better to go to Southern Vietnam yes?

  8. wow..cyclists n bikers wearing mask..

  9. tekkaus
    I didn't try the coconut candy...

    I didn't say Southern Vietnam is better. I just say it is overlooked, as compared to Halong Bay.
    Regarding the weather, you're advised to read the Lonely Planet. North and South are very different.

    That's before the H1N1 scare.

  10. I would love to boat on the river.

    And indeed, the women look very thin! Mmm.... I'd feel fat around them again.

  11. 越南妹也长得蛮好看的。。。^_^

  12. I always thought the Vietnamese ladies look great in white. =p

  13. Maybe they have a healthier diet. They eat lots of vegetables don't they?

  14. Zhu
    Vietnamese women make everyone else feel fat, LOL...


    Like fairies?

    Mei Ting
    I am not really clear about their diet. All I know are the Vietnamese beef noodle (pho) and spring roll.

  15. weird. no fat women? must be the food they eat. i think the last color i would want for my uniform is white, imagine all the sweat and dust...gosh

  16. SBA

    But the students in Malaysia do wear white, not?

  17. yeah but pinafore is blue mah, at least is blue n white. not completely white (except for those private sec sch)

  18. Interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

    How do they cut the molten candy in the top picture. That brown patch bottom left is candy, is it not? Also, if it is, I'm wondering why is it just placed on the table.. Just curious.

  19. xin
    But Muslim girls wear white baju kurung wor...

    I don't remember what they used to cut the candy. Yes, the brown patch is the uncut candy.

  20. Are there a lot of tourists in HCMC? I heard USD is being used during transactions for foreigners...

  21. so, what is that woman doing with that kuih kapit tool?? and why isn't there fat woman in vietnam?? haha~~ :)

  22. baoru
    There are a lot of tourists in HCMC. But Hanoi may have more because it is the gateway to Halong Bay.

    Back in 2005, USD was widely accepted. But dollar has since depreciated, so I'm not sure if Vietnamese still like it.

    She must be making Vietnamese style kuih kapit.
    Diet may explain why Vietnamese people are thin.

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