Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Misadventure in Kuala Selangor

In my earlier post, I mentioned that I bought three photography books in December. I decided to put the techniques I learned from the books into practice. On Christmas Day, I set out to Kuala Selangor Nature Park.

Unfortunately, I made a mistake in not having insect repellent at my disposal. As soon as I walked into the park, I was attacked by armies of mosquitoes. I had to keep walking in order to get away from these irritating insects.

After walking for a few hundred meters, I reached a lake at the center of the park. There, vegetation was less dense. To my relief, I had respite from the mozzies. I was able to look around, and take some pictures.

This is the lake…

Kuala Selangor Nature Park is famous for its mangrove forest. I think these are mangrove trees…

A watch tower…

The bad news is: the Mangrove Walkway was closed for maintenance. The good news is, I saved an ounce of blood…

What are the fauna found in the park? I spotted some birds, monkeys, and butterflies. Somehow, I wasn’t able to capture their pictures.

Will I go to the park again? Probably, but not without insect repellent!


  1. Looks like the books did you good! I love the pictures of the lake... :) Well done!

  2. wow... a blood donation trip! XD

  3. You walked a few hundreds km? Serious? :p

    Yeah! You came unprepared...and they were waiting to suck you. LOL :D

    Not much to look huh. But it should be a relaxing trip minus the mosquitoes of course.

  4. The pics tell you are a good learner. =)

  5. the whole place looks so deserted! i think u need to bring some hot girls to spice things up :p must implement all the techniques u learnt from the books right...

  6. witch
    Nuh, the water is too muddy.

    Blood donation drive to Kuala Selangor, LOL...

    There were something to look for, but I was in no mood...

    Thanks :)

    Hot girls can endure mozzie bites!

  7. Looking at the first two pictures, I was rather disappointed but the third one on mangrove trees perked me up. That's a great shot of the tree tops. Any shots of the base? Was it high or low tide then? I always like to see the trees when their base or roots are covered with water - amazing sight, always makes me smile with delight.

    Oh, nice watchtower but too bad the walkway was closed. That would call for another visit, wouldn't it? Yeah, best to be prepared for insects for a more enjoyable adventure. I'd always wear long-sleeved top for trips to the wild.

  8. It's really no joke to walk a few hundreds km!

    I like the 2nd photo...

  9. Care to share the techniques you learned and applied during your field trip? I have a problem with mozzies too whenever I am outdoors and even in the garden of my parents' home!

    I like the view of the lake and the watch tower.

  10. "After walking for a few hundred kilometers" O.O!! Or do you mean 'metres'? :P

    Insect repellent was the one thing that slipped my mind when I planned for my Sulawesi trip. The mozzies were plenty in Bunaken!

  11. So, you got yours money's worth on the books. You just fed lunch/dinner/tea to the armies of mosquitoes. Next time, you will definitely remember to bring your 'ammo'! Happy New Year 2010!

  12. A few hundred km? Wow! You sure it's a few hundred? I think it's less than 10km. Haha!

    Yes, better get prepared with mosquitoes repellant next time.

  13. happysurfer
    Base? Do you mean roots? Yes, I did, but they don't look great. I think the walkway is a better place to see the roots.

    The officer of the park didn't know when they walkway would re-open :(

    grass, kyh, foongpc
    Mistake corrected. Don't shoot me!

  14. Mei Ting
    Just a few composition tips and the use of CPL.

    The lake pic was taken without the CPL. The pics of mangrove trees and watch tower were shot with the filter, and the colors are more vibrant.

    Autumn Belle
    Yeah, definitely needs the ammo...

  15. How about sending 'loving kindness' to the mozzies, maybe you did that's why they left you in peace.

  16. When you have a skin as thick as mine, there's no way the mosquito can feed on you.

  17. Bananaz
    My karma not good enough lah...

    Then my skin must be thin, LOL...

  18. hahaha, and i certainly know why you can't take much photo!! stand still and you'll be donating blood.. maybe your flesh are soft and your blood is sweet :p

  19. Nice photos. Can you also explain the technique you used?

  20. SK
    My old skin cannot be soft la, LOL...

    Difficult to explain. You'd better read the books I mentioned in my post dated Dec 22.

    You too!

  21. Mmm... not sure these are mangroves. They don't look like the ones I saw in Central and South America anyway.

    Insect repellent can save your life! I also learned it the hard way after being bitten to death by small sand bugs in Costa Rica. Nasty little things, I scratched till I bled!

  22. i havent heard of this place before but from yr pics i would like to go there some day.