Sunday, February 07, 2010

Day Trip to Melaka

Melaka must be one of my favorite places for excursion. I went to the historic city twice last year just to take night photos. Recently, I spent my weekend there again.

As usual, the famed Jonker Street and its surrounding area was the focus of the trip. Each time I strolled in the narrow roads of this area, I experienced something new. This time, Chinese New Year was near. I spotted a giant ‘lion head’ for lion dance performance…

My friend bought some cookies in a shop. I saw a girl making ‘pineapple tarts’ at the store front, and quickly snapped this picture…

There was a shop selling bound-feet shoes (三寸金莲). Nobody has bound feet today, so these shoes are merely for display…

I tasted, for the first time, the famous satay celup of Melaka. The more common satay Kajang is grilled. Satay celup is more like a marriage of satay Kajang and hot pot (steamboat). The food is cooked in a metal pot of boiling sauce…


  1. Haha :D So you came to Malacca and visited Jonker Street lar? :p Good bro. I have yet to capture the huge lion dance.

  2. satay celup.....i went to malacca before but i didnt eat this...

  3. My feet hurt just looking at these shoes!

    I like the picture of the girl making pastries. Look like a cool place to take pictures of people!

  4. Melaka is a favourite of mine too. I like the blend of the old and new. Interesting sightseeing too.

  5. tekkaus
    Melaka is not too far away, so I go there pretty often.

    Give it a try. The shop I went to was located at Lorong Bukit Cina.

    Fortunately, nobody wears those kind of shoes any more.

    Mei Ting
    Maybe we can have a joint photo session next time :)

  6. Ah I still haven't tasted satay celup before! Was it good? And the pineapple cookies are my favourite! You should have bought some back... :) Hehe

  7. Hi man, I always love Melaka as it is one of the few states that have so much to offer in terms of Culture and Heritage. I must have taken so many pictures in the last few months of visiting Melaka but sadly they were 90% food pics so I couldn't use them much. Anyway, great posting!

    Malaysia Asia

  8. Nice place to visit esp during CNY. Nice pictures, KS.

    Thean Hou Temple in KL is another good place for photography this time of the year.

  9. witch
    Satay celup is really not bad. But as a person used to dine in 5-star restaurants, you probably won't like the environment of the satay shop.

    Thanks for dropping by. With the food pics, you can write a food review, no?

    I have been to Thean Hou Temple too. Will upload some pics later.

  10. So next time I wanna go to Melaka, you can be my tour guide loh? :p

  11. 上次我想影三寸金莲,被那个巴闭老板娘讲。唔备人影相,又唔贴纸。

  12. christine

  13. I like Jonker Street! And satay celup of course! Yummy! : )

  14. Chicken rice balls and chendol comes to mind when I think of Malacca.

    Darn, I'm feeling hungry.