Friday, February 26, 2010

Kek Lok Si Temple

Kek Lok Si Temple is one of the most famous tourist attractions on the island of Penang. I last visited the temple ages ago. When I went to Penang during the Chinese New Year celebration, I decided to include Kek Lok Si in my itinerary.

Kek Lok Si Temple was most beautiful at night when the decorative lightings were lit. We – my parents, relatives and I – set out at about 7.00pm, hoping to get a night view of the temple. Unfortunately, there were thousands of people who thought the same way, and the narrow road to Kek Lok Si was heavily congested. Knowing that it would take forever to reach the temple, we aborted our plan. (Anyway, we did view the temple from afar.)

We gave it another try the next morning. The traffic was smooth this time, and we reached Kek Lok Si in no time. Our first stop was the newly-erected giant statue of Kwan Yin (Goddess of Mercy). It was 7.50am, but the statue would only be opened to public at 8.30am. I took a glimpse of her before heading to the ‘main section’…

This is a picture taken at the main section of Kek Lok Si. The pagoda is the most recognizable symbol of the temple…

Another angle…

As it was Chinese New Year, the temple was decorated with rows of lanterns. Some of the lanterns bore the names of the ‘donors’…


  1. True...Many ppl will go there when go to penang...

  2. It is completed already right? The last time I went up there they are still under construction. :)

  3. 我喜欢极乐寺山顶上的观音,很慈祥。

  4. I like the stairs pics, it's an interesting angle. Reminds me of all the temples in HK...

  5. 冇坐缆车上去观赏观音,只係从下面望。

  6. Sam
    Yeah, way too crowded.

    Not completed yet. If you look at the 1st pic, you can see the structure on the left.


    The staircase quite steep.


  7. I like the Kek Lok Si Temple. Did you drive all the way up or park at the bottom?

  8. hmmm, let me count the years with my fingers... opppss, need to borrow the toes too.. the last time i was there was like 15 years ago!!!

  9. need to go there again one day.

  10. foongpc
    We drove all the way up.

    Haha... actually I also last went there many years ago.

    Why not?

  11. when i was there many years back i dont remember seeing the kuan yin statue...I think it is so hot there in the day time one time visit is enough for me

  12. The temple complex where Kuan Yin is is still undergoing work. That's a great shot, the first picture. Being so tall, it'd hard to get a closer look. I would advise anyone going there to bring along a pair of binoculars if you'd like to see up close the etchings on the pillars. They are truly a work of art.

    I was there third week of Dec last. They were still putting up the roof tiles and there was a queue for contributing to the tiles. We got to write our names on the tile(s) we contribute to.

    We didn't make it to the main temple uphill because there were too many people and it was terribly hot to walk up. I've been to the main temple many years ago and I was awed by the huge statues of the deities. Awesome sight. Must visit. We also fed the turtles in the pond. Quite an experience for first-timers.

  13. xin
    Many years ago? I thought the Kuan Yin statue was newly completed?

    I think I am more into 'big picture', so binoculars are probably not needed, LOL...

  14. I'd really love to go to Penang for a holiday but the traffic congestions, especially during holidays is a real put-off.

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