Monday, May 10, 2010

Green Tea

Green tea has gained popularity in the last decade. It is widely believed that regularly green tea drinkers may have lower chances of developing cancer. While green tea is produced in many countries, Japanese green tea is most famous.

I have got a box of ‘tea bags’. As you can see from the packaging – shown above – the name of the product is Jasmine Green Tea. The two large Chinese characters 绿茶 mean ‘green tea’. The five smaller Chinese characters 茉莉花日本 mean ‘Jasmine flower Japan’. There is also a picture of Japanese cup.

However, when I read the label carefully, I soon realized that the tea was actually grown in Vietnam, not Japan. While Jasmine tea is considered a type of green tea, its color is actually more yellow than green, definitely not the same as what we see on the cover.

I can’t commend on the health benefits of Jasmine tea, but it is obvious that the producer is trying to cash in on the popularity of authentic Japanese green tea.


  1. 佩服您中英文都行,多多指教!

  2. Yoga Tramp
    Actually, just half-filled in both languages, LOL...

  3. i guess those green tea we get from supermarket are mostly produced in other countries than japan itself.. but still, they call their product "Japanese Green Tea"..

  4. no idea why, but then hopefully what i got is really green tea that will help in oxidisation.. oh ya, the box i had here in office if from Boh, i wonder if it's really green tea like labelled..

  5. and oh, i don't like jasmine flavour.. just a little too pungent to my liking.. i normally will buy the original one, and must be tea leaves instead of powder green tea..

  6. Nothing like the real green tea and everything in moderation is still the safest. Still, enjoy what you have bought.

  7. Jasmine tea is ok but it is certainly not Japanese green tea. Maybe the tea manufacturer is ignorant about this. We really have to be careful when buying tea. Some are made from recycled tea! The colour comes out very fast.

  8. SK
    AFAIK, powdered green tea is considered the high grade one in Japan.

    Of course I will still drink the jasmine tea.

    Autumn Belle
    I'm pretty sure the tea manufacturer is trying to cheat us.

  9. Oh yeah, nowadays everyone is trying to cash in on green tea and its health benefits. But not all green tea is the same : )

  10. not quite sure about others...
    for me and a few other lady frens, we cant take too much greentea, especially those with low blood pressure, we will feel weak and giddy =(

  11. I like green tea, because just thinking that tea removes oil makes me feel healthier already.

    But tea is also known to stain the teeth, just like coffee. So I seldom take it.