Thursday, May 13, 2010

Disappointing Visit to KL Bird Park

KL Bird Park is one of my popular hangouts. Recently I visited the park again, hoping to photograph my favorite birds – the birds of paradise.

KL Bird Park was located at Jalan Cenderawasih. Cenderawasih is the Malay/Indonesia word for bird of paradise. Somehow, upon entering the park, I realized that the two birds which I had shot in my last visit were no longer there. Perhaps one of them had died?

Anyway, since I had driven all the way to the park, and paid entrance fee, I decided to spend some time there. Here are a few shots I had taken. Can you name the birds?

#1 No, this is not a dove…

#2 Two white birds and a black one…

It took me 20 minutes and quite a bit of patience to shoot the next two photos. Basically I stood at the same spot and waited for the birds to come.



#5 A big bird which cannot fly…

#6 This picture is shot with manual focusing…

Update May 16, 2010: Birds in the pictures

#1 - egret

#2 - flamingos and black swan

#3 & #4 - milky stork

#5 - cassowary

#6 - hornbill


  1. Perhaps they have gone somewhere else bro. :) Come another day.

  2. great shot. i like the third one :)

  3. Picture #3 is really nice, well worth the wait for you from a viewer's point of view!

    I don't know birds' name is any language though :-D

  4. Nice shots.. I know where the last shot was taken! I had some trouble shooting that bird too since it's fenced inside a cage...

  5. bird's park ah?? i think i've been there once, which was like 18 years ago!!

  6. can't remember how it looks like already.. the memory seems so distant to me now..

  7. wait!! did i really went to the on in KL, or it was the one in Singapore?? hahaha, confused already~~ :p

  8. so what's so special about the two birds that you shot photograph last time??

  9. i think you've done nice shots on the other birds too.. don't disappoint over the past, see, you've nice photos to show this time right?? :)

  10. 4-鹭,应该冇错挂。。。其他唔知。。

  11. tekkaus
    I hope BoP will be back.

    I like #3 too.

    I will name them in a few days.

    For birds in the cage, manual focus is often required.

    Birds of Paradise are beautiful. Try google their pictures.


  12. The birds are beautiful and worth your wait.

  13. I remembered photographing the egret when I was there. I think like everything else over here, they need to spruce up public parks and the zoo. The scene is so ho-hum. I find the entrance fee a tad expensive even for locals.

  14. Haha SK is spamming here as well! LOL!

    Nice photos! It's not easy taking photos of birds! : )

  15. I enjoyed my visit to the KL Bird Park last Dec though. I thought it was worth the money. I had a hilarious experience with a peacock. Have yet to blog about it though.

    Bird of Paradise beautiful? I think the name is deceiving. When I was there, there were only three and one of them was resting feebly inside the shade. I thought it looked ill. I suppose it has died when you visited.

    Nice pictures.

  16. Autumn Belle
    Yes, definitely worth the wait.

    Mei Teng
    You say the entrance fee is high? Did you show them your MyKad?

    Yes, not easy to photograph birds.

    Female BoD look dull. Males are beautiful.

  17. flame-less flamingos?
    i tot they are in pink....@_@

  18. sounds like there are so few birds left... haven't gone to the bird park since ages.... childhood times i think

  19. Not a big fan of bird parks and zoos. Don't like the "animal smell".

    Animals smell better only after they are cooked. =X