Friday, March 05, 2010

Soliciting Tips for Irian Jaya

It has been while since I last had a backpacking trip. In the last few months I have been asking myself where my next destination would be. One possible option is: Irian Jaya.

Why Irian Jaya? Well, it is exotic. Despite being a province of Indonesia, geologically it is actually part of Oceania. Its aboriginal people have barely emerged from Stone Age. With a little of luck, I may even spot the gorgeous birds of paradise in their natural habitat.

But there are a number of challenges I have to overcome. This first question mark is: How to get there?

AFAIK, there are no direct flights from Malaysia to Irian Jaya, so I need to make a connecting flight. Shall I transfer at Jakarta, or some other airports? What airline shall I choose? As I am a poor traveler, I would like to keep the air fare as low as possible.

Can anyone in the blogosphere with knowledge of Irian Jaya please provide some advice? Your help is appreciated


  1. 印尼之旅?我还没去过印尼呢!祝你旅途愉快!^_^

  2. the only thing i know about Irian Jaya is her highest peak in SEA..

  3. Hardly ever hear of anyone wanting to go to Irian Jaya. I heard about the existence of cannibal-like tribes there. Better becareful backpacking there.

  4. 木兰姐 

    Hmm... very few people know about it.

    Mei Ting
    I know there are tribal wars on the other side of the island - Papua New Guinea.

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  6. it's gonna take u thru a lot of transit flights for sure. but i'm certain the experience is gonna worth all the hassle. i read that the Puncak Jaya (SEA's tallest peak) has a snow-capped summit! Snow in the tropics! :D Also, take the time to explore the wilderness and the unique culture that's partly melanesian (majority of malay-indonesians are of austronesian race) and if u hv the time, money and courage, cross the border to PNG.. ;)

  7. Why Irian Jaya, are you sure?

  8. Why not consider other places with better accesibility? Nepal, East Malaysia, Vietnam, or more accessible town in Indonesia.....

  9. War...Irian Jaya? No direct flight? :p Enjoy your journey bro.

  10. Irian Jaya? Sounds like fun - with the prospect of being cooked in a giant pot or bbq'd on a stake by stone age tribes or disappointed with how brown and ordinary-looking the (fancy-named) bird of paradise really is.

    Okay, enough of exaggeration but why in the world would you want to go to such a remote destination? Or maybe it's not that remote afterall and Irian Jayans may be reading this comment. Oops!

    Whatever.. it's hard to fight that travel bug. Have fun..

  11. Get malarone before you go there.