Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What are in your travel bags?

In my last trip to Thailand, I brought two bags – a big backpack and a smaller one. After checking into guesthouse, I left the big bag inside my room, and went out with the smaller bag.

What were in my small bag? Water bottle, travel guide books, and photo gears which included the DSLR plus lens and an external flash. Sometimes I also brought a jacket in it. In the next couple of days, I was weighed down by the things I carried…

Last year, my external flash, Canon 420EX started to act up. I purchase another flash – 580 EX II. The new flash is stronger, but also bigger and heavier. When I carried my gears to Jonker Street, Melaka, last January, my shoulders ached…

How should I reduce my load when I travel in future? Perhaps I can leave the 580EX II in hotel/guesthouse during the day, and instead rely on the camera’s built-in flash. Of course external flash is still preferred at night.

My bag, the Crumpler Sinking Barge, has think padding to protect the camera. Unfortunately, such padding adds to the weight, and the capacity of the bag is somewhat smaller than one might expect.

In the last few years, more and more people have owned DSLR. But seriously, if you are not concerned with image quality, and don’t bother to learn ISO, aperture, shutter speed, you probably should stick to pocket camera. It’s no fun walking around with gears weighing 1 kg.

So, what are in your travel bags?

My travel bag


  1. When I went travel overseas, I brought 2 bags, one big one small, though both were backpacks. One contained my clothes and all, the other my passport and some necessities.

    And there are compacts that enable users to tweak the aperture, shutter speed etc. Though they cant really be compared to DSLRs in terms of quality. But still, this gives them an edge against other compacts and allows users to snap according to their own creativity.

  2. Haha, I'm currently scouting for a travel luggage and a backpack. Any recommendations?

    I don't like carry bulky stuffs when traveling or when I walk around that's why I don't own a DSLR! Haha

  3. 我出门旅行也是带两个行李,一大一小。小的什么法宝都有,通常是背带或挂肩袋。身边没有背袋感觉怪怪的。。^_^

  4. I use a Lowerpro backpack that can pack quite a number of equipment. But for most shooting days, I use a well padded backpack cum laptop bag.

    I am hoping to get the 580EXII soon. I regretted travelling with my Tamron 70-200mm when I visited Sandakan. My Lowerpro backpack was already bulky and coupled with that lens was really heavy.

    I am interested in getting a holster-style camera bag or just a sling camera bag will do. Backpacks are not easily accesible.

  5. I go traveling is very easy and simple thing in my travel bag de
    EOS camera, hair(gatsby),t-shirt enough to me...if more also one set only, map....
    water and other think actually won't bring de if not necessary!!

  6. kyh
    Maybe I should get a semi-pro compact?

    All I can say is you must be able to lock the bag, if it is going to be checked in on a flight.


    Mei Ting
    With sling bag, the weight is on one side of the shoulders. Not so great.
    Crumpler Sinking Barge is easily accessible, that's why I bought one.

    Sounds like you are very concerned with your hair, LOL...

  7. 你们男人可能装的是相机等之类,女人装的就好多八宝了。呵呵

  8. all those necessities like cleanser, lotion and others are very important but in a small portion.

  9. Umbrellas, a small camera and water bottle is a must in any bag I carry. Everything else is secondary.

  10. christine
    Mei Ting is a lady, but she also carries large camera.

    Those are the things which take up a lot of space :(

    OK, noted!

    Hmm... I don't usually bring umbrella...

  11. i also take 2 bags...big bag is for my clothes ...small bag is for camera,wallet, passport...usually i wont take umbrella,water...im feel heavy...

  12. Me? Hmmm....my clothes and lots of money. :p

  13. stacey
    I must have water!

    Money in the bag!??

  14. I haven't traveled with the DSLR, I bought it after our Latin America trip last year. Before, I only had a small pocket camera. Lenses add to the weight too... not sure how I do!