Thursday, June 03, 2010

Tourism China & Chinese Tourists

In my last post, I wrote about my trip to Manukan Island. I was surprised to find many tourists from China. A young girl, upon setting foot on the jetty, said this: It’s really beautiful! (实在太美了!)

Chinese tourists are demanding, fussy and highly patriotic. It is not easy to satisfy them. But the Chinese girl expressed her feeling in an emotional tone. I knew she meant it. To be sure, Manukan Island was not the best in Malaysia.

Being a vast country with thousand years of history, China is itself a popular tourist destination. It has something for almost everyone. Like nature? Huangshan 黄山, Jiuzhaigou 九寨沟 and the Silk Road are world famous. Interested in history? The Middle Kingdom has the Great Wall and Forbidden City. Fascinated by exotic culture? China has 56 ethnics. And, of course, when a man check in to a hotel, he would receive a call in the evening, with someone purring, “Sir, do you need a girl?” (先生,你要小姐吗?)

But there is something China lacks: idyllic islands with fine beaches. That probably explains why the Chinese tourist was so excited when she saw the blue water of Manukan.


  1. I have seen many tourist in Peninsular Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur. They are certainly bringing in a lot of income for our economy.

  2. we can see Chinese tourists practically everywhere..

  3. Yeah! Our beaches rocks. I love Pulau Perhentian. But...well...I heard that the island was being ruined. :(

  4. What about Sanya?

  5. I think Hainan Island is about as tropical as China can get. Never been there though.

  6. I'm going Pulau Redang before it starts to get expensive! Haha!

    Yes, China has almost everything except for beautiful beaches. That's true!

  7. Autumn Belle, wenn
    Yeah. Chinese are rich these days, and they travel to every corner of the world.

    Over-development ruins the island?

    Mei Teng
    Tell us after you go there.

    Hainan can be cold in winter.

    Wait for your story of Redang!

  8. The moon looks more round oversea, don't you think so..:-)

  9. You're right, when I was at Maldives, I saw many Chinese too.. but of course, even I was impressed with Maldives...

  10. so u got accept the man invitation mah?hehe...

  11. Grass
    Chinese are patriotic. They always think their country is the greatest. But when it comes to beaches, I think they can't say theirs are the best.

    Chinese tourists are everywhere...

    Man invitation? I am interested in women la...

  12. I thought you came to Manukau which is a place South of Auckland.

    Why are you cutting down on meat? I am a meat eater, and if I don't have meat, I find something is lacking.

    My daughter turned vegetarian for humanitarian reasons and she has lost more than 10 kilos. I should actually lose some weight, but I am not discipline.

    My post on vegetarian spring roll was not to tell people not to eat meat, as I wrote that I am a meat eater.

    I was participating in a challenge by the Change the world meme. She was good and is moderate as she is challenging readers to do it just once a month.

  13. Ann
    No, this one is Manukan Island, in Sabah.

  14. Maybe most of their beach are rocky beach, but Malaysia beach mostly are sandy beach.

  15. Nana
    China does have sandy beach, but I guess no match to those in Southeast Asia.