Thursday, December 08, 2011

My Hong Kong Trip (III)

Ngong Ping 360

On the second day of my Hong Kong trip, we went to experience Ngong Ping 360 (昂坪360) at Lantau Island (大嶼山).

Ngong Ping 360 consisted of 2 parts – the first of which was the cable car journey which connects Tung Chung (東湧) to Ngong Ping. When we reached Tung Chung cable car station, there was already a long queue. We waited for half an hour to purchase the tickets, and another half an hour to board the car. Many of the tourists came from Mainland China. Hong Kong was hugely popular among Mainlanders. We would see a lot more Mainland tourists in the subsequent days.

Our patience paid off. The cable car ride was exhilarating. There were two types of cabins – regular and Crystal. Crystal Cabin had glass bottom, which allowed one to see the landscape beneath. As you might have expected, the fare for Crystal Cabin was higher.

We often perceive Hong Kong as a cosmopolitan city, but Lantau Island was heavily forested…

The crowd at Tung Chung…

The ride…

Hong Kong International Airport is at the background…

Crystal Cabin, with glass bottom…


  1. glass bottom looks scary..

  2. yeah, some places just make you thought you are actually in mainland china rather than in hong kong itself.. hahaha!! :D

  3. so you took the crystal one?? i can't remember which one i took last time, most probably the normal ones.. but still it was a nice ride, enjoyed the scenery..

  4. People with height phobia may not like the full glass panel bottom...

  5. i went there too! but i managed to skip the looong queue by purchasing entrance ticket at the airport hehe

  6. The cabin reminds me of the glass floor of the CN Tower in Toronto. Freaky!

    I loved the Buddhas on Lantau.

  7. This reminds me a bit of Genting. :D

  8. The glass bottom can be unnerving.

  9. I love that cable car ride especially when you can see through the glass floor! But when I went there in March, there was no long queue - I guess it was not holiday season?

  10. wenn, Grass, Happysurfer
    Crystal Cabin isn't as scary as you thought. I have height phobia too.

    Mainland Chinese are everywhere, even in KL.

    It was a mistake that we din't pre-book the tickets.

  11. Zhu
    Yeah, I like the Buddha too.

    I haven't rode Genting's cable car for a long time...

    Maybe you reach there early?

  12. glass bottom sounds interesting!!

    i read an article a few days ago that 2/3 of hong kong is still forested, and the urban hk we knew is only 30% of it.

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