Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Hong Kong Trip (V)

Eating in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is foodies’ haven. During my visit to the SAR, we had a meal in the famous Yung Kee Restaurant (鏞記酒家).

Yung Kee is most famous for its roasted geese. Unfortunately, I haven’t got the picture to show here. I am not that kind of people who would say, “Don’t eat! Let me take some pictures and upload to Facebook.”

Anyway, I managed to snap a few pictures before we picked up our chopsticks…

Outside the kitchen…

Preserved eggs…

Roasted meat rice…

Yung Kee Restaurant is located at:

32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is also famous for, what else, dim sum. And we also had a dim sum meal during our trip. Here is one picture…

But wait a minute… These are not real dim sum, but fridge magnets! We bought a few as souvenirs. I took picture after we returned to Singapore…


  1. yeah, yung kee.. as much as i love their roast, i also find their century eggs amazingly delicious!!

  2. bought a box of 6 and bring back home, haha!! and did you buy their "aeroplane geese"?? they pack nicely for you to hand carry.. haha!!

  3. i already know those are fridge magnet and not the real dimsum.. and wow, i think they really improved a lot, those i bought are not as nice and delicate..

  4. Yum Cha is the Hong Kong culture that I enjoy doing...

  5. Yerr...the preserved eggs nice meh? I can't stand the stench. :p

  6. Yummy roasted geese rice! The fridge magnets are cute!

  7. Preserved/century eggs...Yum! The pickled ginger enhances the taste. Just like the durian, they are an acquired taste and I think more popular among the Cantonese community. I may be wrong.

    The magnet looks cute!

  8. hey the magnets really look like dim sum! its looks are deceiving :)

    Latest: Featured on Magazine!

  9. Yummy magnets haha. Happy New Year 2012.

  10. Food is expensive in HK.

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