Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mae Sa Elephant Camp, Northern Thailand

I traveled in Northern Thailand from Jan 6 to Jan 13, 2007. On Jan 7, I visited Mae Sa Elephant Camp, about an hour drive from Chiang Mai. Here are some photos taken there...

Mae Sa Elephant Camp…

A greedy calf… This young lady was a Chiang Mai resident.

Elephant show…

Elephant painter…

This tourist is getting excited…

Elephant massage!

This is the interesting part – elephant ride…

The package for visiting Mae Sa Elephant Camp also included bamboo rafting on Mae Ping River

Tourists from Britain and Australia


  1. the last photo is the most interesting...

  2. Booffett,
    Why do you like the last photo? Because of the pretty women?

  3. Very interesting, KS.
    boofett, I prefer the 2nd pic... KS alwiz snaps some lovely local lasses. ;)

  4. Haha, Rich, you're (almost) right.
    Yes, I like to take snapshots of local women, but sometimes I'm just to shy to ask for permission.

    Occasionally I have to pretend to be a customer. I buy something from souvenir vendors, then take their pictures.

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