Wednesday, December 05, 2007

McDonald’s veggie options

In one of my posts, It ain’t wrong to be different, I mentioned American vegetarians who shun meat for health purpose or out of love for animal.

In this country, many people practice vegetarianism for religious reasons. There are many more who, while not vegetarians, try to cut down on meat intake either for health purpose or in order to slim down.

I have a few vegetarian friends. When I dine out with them, our options are limited to the Chinese vegetarian restaurants which dot the country. I am, nonetheless, not a fan of Chinese vegetarian foods as I find them too oily. In fact, I knew of someone who actually gained weight after going vegetarian. I prefer salad.

Which makes me wonder: McDonald’s offers salads in the United States and veggie burger in India. Why do we not get them here in Malaysia???

I believe there is a market for veggie fast food in Malaysia. Does McDonald’s know something which we don’t, or is it not paying attention?


  1. I don't understand why we have to fool our brain into thinking that vegetarian fish is fish and vegetarian duck is duck?! Why don't vegetarians just eat vegetables or beancurd? Yes, Chinese vegetarian food is oily - not healthy food. However, being vegetarian is a good thing - not killing lives.

    Talk about salad, one fastfood serves pretty good salad though I don't like the racial discrimination they practise where service charge is concerned. I have reason to believe that certain people do not need to pay service charge while others do! Absurd! I have since not patronised that fastfood.

  2. I like fake-vegetarian-meat that is made from flour though it is not so healthy la.. McVeggie seems like a good idea! i have many vegetarians friends too.. it is difficult for them to eat outside somtimes..
    Life's Roller Coaster~

  3. happy,
    I agree with you that not killing is good, but that should not stop us from having healthy choice.

    Yes, it's sometimes difficult for vegetarians to eat outside. Which is why I believe there is a market for veggie fast food.

  4. I also don't like the so called vegetarian food because of the name such as "vege duck" etc...
    Moreover, its too oily and salty...
    I would certainly like to try a veggie sandwich from fastfood.

  5. we do have vegetarian burger in mcD not long ago rite? i remember i tried.. its all pea and carrots + other vegie deep fried and mould into a patty. very oily lorrrrrr

  6. winn,
    McD got veggie burger? I don't remember. That's for limited time only, right?

  7. I do agree with you that Chinese vegetarian food are generally too oily.

    But I don't quite like salad. Haha.

    Normally I won't choose those "fake" meat offered at vegetarian restaurants as they're only made from flour.

  8. day-dreamer,
    Do you know that some youths, while not interested in vegetables, are pressured by their parents to shun meat. They mostly eat "fake" meat and tofu only.

    I understand that many people don't like salad because it is raw. More choice needed...