Friday, January 25, 2008

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market was the highlight of my trip to Thailand in January 2008.

Damnoen Saduak is a town located to the west of Bangkok. The floating market is at its full swing in the morning. Tourists who join package tours usually depart from Bangkok at 7am and reach the town about two hours later. After 9am there are more tourists than locals. Following the advice of my travel guide books, I decided to go to Damnoen one day earlier, on Jan 10, 2008. The next morning, I traveled by boat to the market at 7am, beating the tour buses.

Sunset over the canal, or khlong, as it is known in Thai…

On the way to the floating market…

The floating market…

After taking pictures of this friendly souvenir seller, I flattered her with a Thai word, suay, to which she replied, “Khok khun kha.”

Suggestions to would-be visitors to Damnoen Saduak:

  1. As mentioned earlier, there would be more tourists than locals after 9am. You are advised to stay overnight in the town and visit the market early in the following morning.
  2. If you are going by public transport, take bus no. 78 from Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal.
  3. Nok Noi (Little Bird) Hotel where I stayed is about 20-minutes walk away from the main market. The hotel can also arrange for a boat tour. (I personally went to the market by boat but walked back to the hotel.)
  4. Boat service is also available from the market.
  5. Have your breakfast in the market.


  1. Wonderful pictures. Wow, it looks like any town only after a flood!
    The pictures of the boats are so colorful. Beautiful smile you got from that young woman too. I hope I can visit Thailand someday. (as well as Malaysia)

  2. I went to the same place last time. really a good experience right ? hehe..

  3. 两年前,我也去过曼谷的float market,的确蛮有一番滋味呢!

  4. panda
    Thailand is a great place to visit. So is Malaysia.

    Yes, it's a really good experience.

    Thanks for dropping by.

    I have heard that the floating markets in Bangkok are not genuine. That's why I went all the way to Damnoen Saduak.

  5. KS, yes, nice pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

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  7. สวยจริงๆ, but u mean the bag or the lady?? 555 ;)

    Also, I tot lady normally say Ka, not Khap? Like that I must go there & listen it by myself then ;)

    BTW, joke aside, the picture look nice ;)

  8. hi,I came upon your blog by mentioned in your entry that I can take bus 78 from southern bus terminal.What happens when I get off?will i get off directly at the market.Pls advise.Thanks,btw,wonderful pictures!!


  9. THanks! i'm travelling to Bangkok & will take your suggestion.